Dumb waitlist question (don't laugh)

  1. Now, everyone, keep in mind that I live in a LV-less state and have no boutique experience. My question is: I NEED an Azur Neverfull. Can I request to be on a waitlist for one if I do not have a purchasing history with a boutique? I have purchased through 866-Vuitton, but have not established any history and have no loving SA. Thanks in advance for your help! :smile:
  2. I don't see why they wouldn't waitlist you for it, you may get pushed down the list for regular clients but I can't see why the'd refuse to list you. I think it's permament so even if you do get moved down you should still get one
  3. ^I agree, you should be able to waitlist for one for sure. Is there any boutique in particular that you order items from or do you just call 1-866 and they send you items from wherever? It may be easier to find a boutique that will send it to you.
  4. Thank you very much! I really can't wait for the Azur Neverfull!!
  5. I just call 866 and they try to find a boutique relatively close to me that has the item I want. I've gotten a few things from Atlantic City, so maybe I will just call them first.
  6. just call up one of the LVs that is closest to you and put yourself on a waitlist there. they will typically ask for your cc# to be waitlisted. from thereon, you've established a relationship with that particular LV store and you've got a contact if you need to be on more waitlists in the future. :smile:
  7. ^^ Thanks! I HATE not having an LV here. It's so painful... LOL.