Dumb questions about wire transfer..

  1. Hi guys,
    Thank to your advice, I decided to receive wire transfer from the buyer and shipthe bag to Taiwan. Now, I have another dumb question. What sort of information do I supposed to provide to get the wire transfer?
    is it just
    "my name, bank name and address, routing number, account number"?
    Is there any risks providing this information to a stranger?

    Thanks guys,
    You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I personally would not be comfortable providing my bank details to somebody in taiwan. :s
  3. I think that is all the information you need. It is also all on the face of your checks, so it's not anymore dangerous than writing a check. I think it should be ok.
  4. just do a bank transfer thats the safe way
    iban and bic number
    I wouldnt give out any other details no way
  5. there was another thread where I told the OP what info she would need to provide - sorry, can;t remember exactly - it was the thread about the girl from germany who wanted to buy a bag.

    as for safety - to be honest, I don't see it as more or less dangerous than using your credit card, etc. but do you have a second bank account where you don't keep a lot of money? you could use that one.
  6. If you do a wire transfer with Western Union the person on the other end doesn't see any of you info other than address.

    I think the same goes for a bank transfer.
  7. Hi,
    I got information from my bank relating international wire transfer and would like to share it with fellow members.
    For INTERNATIONAL wire transfer, you need "swift number" from your bank in addition to your routing number and account number. Your routing number for wire transfer is different from the routing number on your check. So, if any of you guys need to get the wire transfer payment from a foreign buyer, consult your bank first before you contact your buyer. My bank also assured me that there is no risk of identity theft for relesing these numbers to strangers.

    Again, Thank you for your help and I hope fellow PFers can find this information helpful.
  8. As Jinny mentioned you will need the 'swift number', each bank has its own code. I have accepted bank transfers and it has never been a problem. Also there is usually a $10 fee.
  9. When I'll receive, sender ask me for:
    - my full name, address, bank account, bankname, bank address and swift code/IBAN/BIC
  10. I also ever did Bank Wire and all details I provided above, I need to write onto transfer form.