dumb question...

  1. Is patent leather (vernis) really leather I haven't found anyone who knows yet outside of the PF (of course)? Is it as hard to take care of as the Patent leather shoes young girls wear to church? lol
  2. Vernis is so beautiful but looks awfully fragile!
  3. It is calf leather given a patent finish on the top surface. I have a few vernis items and I don't particularly use them with gloves. I use them like how I use my monogram bags, and they are doing ok.

    The only things to note:
    1. When you store them, don't store in their dustbags for long periods of time as the yellow/brown color of the dustbags will "migrate" onto the vernis, then it's bye-bye vernis.

    2. Best to just store in a cool dry place. I line my bag closet with a white lining paper (acid free even better) and just place my vernis bags on the paper.

    3. Rain? Water? Wipe dry with a white cloth immediately, or asap. Like I said, I don't treat mine with kitten gloves, so I just use tissue paper and sometimes don't even bother <oops>, and they still look good.

    4. Don't lean the vernis bags next to any other items. Again "color migration" potential hazard. You have been warned.

    5. Wearing jeans or darker clothes that bleed when washed? Don't rub your vernis bag next to these. Again, you have been warned. These color migrations can never be removed.

    6. Oh and don't place things like newspapers, magazines next to your vernis bags or long periods of time - I gauge this to mean days in a very warm environment (like in a car in summer) or in the Middle East countries for example, the print on these reading materials will transfer to the vernis too. Again, bye-bye vernis.

    So if you are mindful of the above, then using your vernis bags or items like any other bag or wallet is not difficult. Many shy away from vernis, but it's actually not that bad :smile:
  4. I love my vernis items. I have the Koala wallet and the key and change holder, both in the Framboise color. I don't treat them with kit gloves. I just make sure that I don't throw any receipts in my bag that can transfer on my wallet. I had the French style wallet and key and change holder in red that I used for a 1 1/2 years before selling them. They were in both beautiful condition. Don't be scared of vernis if you love the way it looks.