dumb question

  1. i know this has been asked and answered but i searched and i still can't figure it out. can someone please explain for me, a bear of little brain, the difference betweem retourne and supple and sellier and rigide. i saw a bag yesterday that i am literally dying for and i can't figure out the terms. thanks!
  2. Retourne and souple mean the same thing, a softer looking Kelly which has inside stitching and a less structured appearance. It seems that the term retourne is used more now instead of souple. Retourne Kellys have piping around the edges as the stitches are inside on the seams.

    Sellier and rigide are again the same, a more structured ' boxy' looking Kelly with outside stitching and no piping. Sellier is used to describe these bags now instead of rigide.

    Please see this thread as it will be helpful. A picture is worth a thousand words, once you see an example of each you will know which is which at a glance. The green Kelly in the first thread is a Sellier/ rigide. The orange Kelly in the second thread is a retourne/ souple.

  3. That is not a dumb question, hlfinn, I don't think, cuz they changed the terms and, in typical Hermes fashion, made it even more elegantly complicated!
  4. HL, the only difference is old terminology vs. new terminology. They are describing the same construction. Sellier is rigide. Retourne is souple. HTH!!
  5. hlfinn...here's how i remember :smile: retourne is a more relaxed, soft style....both words start with R....so i always remind myself "retourne is relaxed".

    geeky, i know...but it helped me actually get the terms straight for once!!
  6. I can't get the new wording so I use souple and rigide lol!! But I like retourne/relaxed -- nice!!
  7. Shoppingsmycard: That's a good way to remember. Thanks for the great idea!

    For Souple, I used the analogy of "soup"... Soup is flowing and loose... It's a stretch, I know, but it helps me remember!!:p
  8. What about Mou Sellier?
  9. I still catch myself saying souple and rigide, but the way I remember retourne is "-tourne" sounds like "turned" inside out...
  10. Sellier - outside stitching, whatever leather, but also has a thin extra piece of reinforcement leather to keep the bag's shape.

    Retourne - Soft Kelly with inside stitching.

    Sellier Mou - outside stitching, made from supple leather (like Togo) but WITHOUT the extra layer of reinforcement leather. This allows the bag to fold flat and be packed in a suitcase.