Dumb Question - Sheet Saver... Pls Help!

  1. Hi all!

    I'm looking to buy some sheet savers, and noted that there's a regular one with quilted terry (as in the following link), and there's another one that looks pretty much the same except for that it's supposed to be "deluxe and plush".


    The plush one feels so much softer, but I'm worried that it may collect more dust and therefore the baby may inhale more dust as a result.

    Am i worrying too much? Should i go with the regular one or should i go with the plush one?

    Please advice!! Thank you!!
  2. I used the one you linked and loved it.
    My advice, buy 3 of them and don't worry about dust, you'll be washing them so often because of baby drool dust won't be an issue!
  3. My youngest had GERD and these were a blessing. Could just whip off the sheet saver and replace it instead of the sheets. I used plain terry cloth fabric sheet savers. Good luck they are wonderful.
  4. ^:yes: TOTALLY agree!