Dumb question: scarf related

  1. When did H switch from the "envelopes" to the boxes? I recently bought what I thought was a very vintage scarf, and it came in an envelope which I thought meant it was the original issue, however after checking it out on PreciousColors now I'm not so sure based on the caretag (which is double, but looks "modern" to me) and some other factors.
    Please forgive me for asking what sounds even to me like a really dumb question, but I'm not a scarf expert!
  2. I dont think they ever switched. They always had boxes as well as the envelopes. I dont quite know the circumstances of why an envelope vs. a box but I have seen scarf boxes from the 1940s.

    here is a scarf box from 1950s
  3. Cynthia

    When I get my scarves dry cleaned at Hermes they pop it into an orange envelope, quite a long one, a really nice touch I think

    Not sure if it might be one of those?
  4. Ahhhh that is very interesting info, thank you so much Seton & Ardneish.

    Maybe when I have a bit more energy I will post some pics for opinions on the age of this scarf. I don't know why I am so curious about the age of this scarf! I usually don't even care.
  5. Before I was able to visit H stores, I bought my scarves at duty free shops at international airports. They always placed them in envelopes, not boxes. I know they have been using boxes for quite some time, but I don't know when the airport shops switched. Also, some international flights used to sell H scarves on board and they, too, would use the envelopes.
  6. :wtf: HOLD THE PHONE!!!! or as HLFINN says, SHUT UP!!!!!! You mean I can get my scarves cleaned at HERMES????????? :nuts:

    Geez......where've I BEEN?!?!?!!?
  7. yeah sweetie -- even I coulda tld you that and I know nothing about scarves compared to you....but I do know how to have other people take care of problems....us JAP's learn that young.

  8. LMAO!!!!!!!! I swear.....I had no idea! I've been hand washing these dang things all this time and all the while I could have been dropping them off at Hermes?
  9. AND getting those nifty envelopes???????
  10. OMG...I didn't know that either!:nuts:
  11. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

    I feel like I've been living under a rock or something.........
  12. I've brought them in w/ the boxes so I'm not sure about the envelopes. Also, they might just recommend a dry-cleaners.

  13. They dont do it "in house". They send it out. In NYC, it used to be Tiecrafters, which IMO is not as good as Madame Paulette's or even Hallak Cleaners. Dont know what is the current situation since I havent given them a scarf in yrs to clean. I was NOT happy with the job that Tiecrafters did at all.
  14. This thread is turning out to be far more informative than expected! I might not have gotten a rare old scarf out of it but I have learned a lot!
    I agree with Seton that Tiecrafters does a crappy job of cleaning scarves (I took one and only one in there once). I actually had a much better result with my local suburban dry cleaner, shockingly. Haven't gone back to Madame Paulette since they basically chewed up my wedding dress and told me it was too bad.

    Anyway, hand washing them is better for the silk, I think. So I just do that most of the time.
  15. I had always assumed that those of you who handwashed did so because it was better for the silk, but I just don't really trust myself to that --- I really just mastered the washer/dryer.
    I never meant to infer it was done "in-house" , only that they had their preferred establishments -- as with shoes, they take care of them in the same manner here. There is a preferred cobbler to whom they send all there business. Of course, I am not located at store with an in-house craftsman, yet I still do not believe they work on those items either. For me, it is simply a part of Hermes being a more full-service company and I truly appreciate that because I want to preserve my pieces.
    I can't speak to any of your local dry-cleaning establishments as far as service, so I'll of course defer to your experience.