Dumb question re Damier Speedy 30 and 25

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  1. Does it seem to anyone like the Damier Speedy 30 seems a lot bigger than the 25, even though the 30 is 12x8, and the 25 is 10x7, which makes the speedy 30 only 2 inches longer and one inch taller?

    I think it's like a trick of the eye or something!

    I just bought the 30 (haven't gotten it yet) because I gave my daughter the 25 (she loved it and it seemed small to me). I hope it's not going to be too big. I have the Damier Alma, which I just love, and I'm really growing to love the Damier line and am looking forward to a casual, throw around bag.

    For those of you that have the 30, do you like it for every day?
  2. I think the Damier 30 Speedy is a perfect all-around bag! I love it! No worries with it at all. Great size. I agree that the 25 looks alot smaller than the 30, but the 30 isn't too big.
  3. 30 is a perfect size the 25 is too small for me
  4. The 30 seems much bigger to me. I love it!
  5. I just got the 30 and I love it, but I love bigger bags in general. I tried on the 25, but I thought it looked a bit small on me. I also like to carry a lot of stuff around with me, so the 25 really wasn't an option.
  6. i almost can't stand the 25 (for me anyway) but i love the 30.. the size is perfect for everyday.. u can fit SO much but it doesnt look overly big
  7. I use my 25s on the weekend, going out at night, going to parties, and generally when I'm not wanting to stuff everything in the world in my bag!

    I use my 30 for a day of serious shopping, or when I'll be carrying food or a jacket with me. My 30 still seems really big to me, and I'm more comfortable carrying my 25s. Though I love the 30 "sag"!
  8. speedy 30 is perfect size. I tried both at the store and the 25 was too small!! You make the right choice!!!
  9. Thanks guys! I'm really excited to get it- can't wait! I think it will be perfect with jeans and t-shirts too. I just lost 79 pounds so I'm having so much fun shopping!
  10. congrats on your new found shape!!! :yahoo:
    i have the damier speedy in both 25 and 30 (yes, i love damier speedies! i would get it in 35 and 40 if they would just make them!!!) i love the 25 for dressier outfits, or when i don't need to carry so much. but to be honest, i have carried only my 30 since i got it in december!!! it feels a bit big to me (i'm 5'3'' and just lost ten pounds, so am now 120) but it is great in the winter for lugging lots of stuff around. i love the sag of the 30 as well. you will LOVE it :yes:
  11. Yes!!! The 30 seems HUGE to me!! (even though there's only a 5 cm difference, lol)
  12. I love the 30!!! 25 is just too small looking and I'm petite. .
  13. I personally think the 30 is too small... I have had a 35 and a 40... and the 40 is by far my favorite
  14. i have been using my 30 damier daily since it was given to me and absolutely LOVE it! i can wear it anywhere and it fits a lot. it is bigger than 25 and the way i like it. post pics!
  15. i love the 30, it fits so much stuff with plenty of room left over!!! i dont think you can go wrong with it!