Dumb question re convertible car seat buckles

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  1. I have the Orbit system. I just started using the toddler car seat in the last week or so. I'm not in love with it so far.

    The main issue that I have is that the crotch strap, for lack of a better term, -- the one that has the buckle piece on it -- is really short. So a) it's difficult to get the baby seated in the seat and then dig the buckle out from under him (since it's not long enough to pull it forward and then sit him down unless you can line up the baby a lot more precisely than I can), and b) it's not the easiest thing to actually buckle, since he's squirming and it's really way down there. Even another inch or so would really help. The infant one was fine, but this one, not so much.

    Are all convertible/toddler car seat crotch straps short like this? Looking at pictures it looks like they might be.

    I need to get another convertible seat for nanny/DH to share (nanny will have during week, DH on weekend). I'm trying to decide if I want another Orbit seat or want to get something else for that seat. My other issue is that it's really close to my seat and quite tall, so I feel like I may not see around/over it properly when I'm backing up, but I can probably get used to that.
  2. I would look into the Graco Nautilus, it will take them from 5 lbs to 100 lbs I am pretty sure. I have one, it is sturdy, lightweight and easy to install. It also has a cup holder and parts that expand for height etc. It was recomended to me by a car seat safety person and even my dh loves it and he is an engineer and hates all baby products ! good luck !
  3. Ugh, no recommendations but I have been through two seats in the last four months and am having the same problem so I'm feeling for you.
  4. I wouldn't necessarily get another orbit car seat. If you want to have a seat for the stroller, get the regular stroller seat for the orbit. The orbit seat wasn't designed to taken in and out daily, but more for if you are on vacation, etc.

    The convertible seat we had and STILL use (and my son is huge - 43 inches and 51 pounds) is the Britax Decathlon. It goes to 65 lbs. I got it over the marathon because it has an adjustable crotch strap - not in length (and yes, they are all short), but in that it has three positions from close to outwards. Since I knew I would have a big kid, any adjustments in that direction were good.
    And yes, any convertible will cut down on your ability to see above it.

    Another one people seem to really like is the Radian convertible seat. it's much narrow which can be nice in a car.
  5. Thanks BBB; I appreciate the suggestions, and especially the verification that the crotch straps are all short. It seems odd, since the infant one was an inch or two longer.

    I have the Orbit toddler stroller seat and use that for walks. I never use the car seat for the stroller. Fortunately, DS loves the stroller seat.

    The issue I'm having is that right now I have one car seat and have to swap the toddler seat between my car and the nanny's car (and my husband's, but that's only once every week or two, since a lot of time on the weekend we use my car.) It was easy to do with the infant seat, but is much clunkier with the toddler seat and not a sustainable solution. So, I know I need another seat, but haven't been sure which one to get.

    I went and looked at several of the Britaxes today, and was able to verify that yes, they all have short crotch straps. Some of them were a little further forward in the seat (some weren't though), which might make them marginally easier to dig out and buckle.

    My friend has the Recaro, which is the other one I was considering, since the depth is also smaller. I'm going to check it out when I see her this week. I think part of the problem with the Orbit is that because of the depth, it's literally inches from my face when I turn around. Maybe if it sits back further in the back seat, it will feel less intrusive into the view?

    I'll post my thoughts on the Recaro in case it's helpful to someone else.
  6. Oops, sorry, just realized I mixed up Recaro and Radian. It IS the Radian I want to check out.
  7. Yep, all the crotch straps are short. If the crotch strap is too short, then adjust the shoulder straps to fit snugly. I think pretty much all the convertable car seats are tall, because they're made for toddlers. The Marathon is the same way :yes: I just put it in the middle! lol.