Dumb Question (maybe) about Ostrich Leather

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  1. Ok, so I've juse discovered "ostrich" leather and I want to know more about it.

    Hermes is totally out of my price range, but I'm interested in picking up something in ostrich. I love the look and I think it's very "in"... is most of the stuff we see "regular" leather with a printed ostrich finish or is it all ostrich? Are there some bags that are less of a HUGE cost? Does anyone have suggestions? (Pictures welcome). I want more information on this product!
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    Interesting question! I found an article on ostrich leather here:


    I'm now browsing for ostrich bags. ShopNBC has a couple by Nina Raye.


    They are still relatively pricey, though, at $1,000 each. It's a beautiful leather. In fact, if they weren't sold out of the NR ostrich wallet in black, I would totally get one. Now you've become an enabler for me and I will be looking for something in ostrich, too! :lol:
    They still have it in Buttercup for $250!
  3. Yes, I love the color "buttercup", too. I found this one by Kate Spade in a similar color, but I'm not sure it's "real" ostrich leather? That's part of what I don't get.
    [​IMG] and they have a change purse, too: [​IMG]
  4. I Googled "ostrich leather handbag" and it looks like even unbranded or "non-designer" brand genuine ostrich leather bags will run you $800 or more. There also seems to be a lot of "inspired by" Hermes-type genuine ostrich bags out there, like this one from www.pierotucci.com:
    It's still $2,332!!!

    And here is an interesting site that seems to have a large variety of ostrich products, although I can't say whether this site is safe to buy from:
  5. I'm seeing what you mean. It looks like most of the products that aren't genuine ostrich say something like "ostrich embossed" or "ostrich textured" in the product decription.

    I would look for a statement that says genuine or real ostrich leather before buying anything.

    P.S. That little coin purse is cute, real ostrich or not! :tup:
  6. Ignes uses ostrich for some of their bags but as of yet, it's not available in the U.S. but hopefully very soon (Sept.) it may be. Ignes bags are priced much less than Hermes.
  7. I have 2Loro Piana ostrich globe bags. They are totally divine and the inside is of the softest lamb skin lining. I also have had a filofax ostrich planner for about 8 years now which just looks better with time.
  8. Adriana Castro's new website has some ostrich options. The colors are beautiful!
  9. there are some bags that are 'pressed ostrich', which means that it is regular leather with an ostrich print. (obviously, they cost much less than the real thing!) For example, here is the Tylie Malibu pressed ostrich Exeter bag...


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  10. Nuti ostrich bags are beautiful.They're handmade as well.:tup:
  11. I am LOVING this bag! Wow!:heart:

  12. I have this Prada bag in Ostrich. It is really nice leather.


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  13. Thanks for these suggestions. Based on some of the prices, I'm thinking of going with a "printed" leather. Any other suggestions?
  14. You should try dooney & bourke. You can get ostrich embossed leather ranging in price from $295.00- $500.00. The medium chiara bag is my fav. for $450.00