dumb question..isn't this the stam?

  1. it looks like the stam to me (minus the chain strap)...but they don't call it the stam so i'm not sure. did mj make another bag that looks like the stam? sorry for the dumb question...

    Marc Jacobs -  Quilted Satchel -  Bergdorf Goodman
  2. uhh.. yea, that is a stam... and in the pic is has the hardware loops for the chain strap to attach to, but why take a photo of the bag with no chain strap.

    that's odd.....
  3. That is so odd. And they have marked at $600? If that is correct, those will be sold out in the next two minutes!
  4. so i tried to buy one and my order went through. then i called BG and they said my order was cancelled cause they don't have any in stock! she said the website must not have updated! ugh!
  5. ^
    Oh dear. I guess this is one of those things that is too good to be true, then. :sad:
  6. they have placed a stam under "hobo" too.....