Dumb Question for Chanel Newbie! Are All Seasonal Styles Part of a "Collection"

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I know this sounds dumb, but I am trying to identify a bag that I purchased! This is NOT an authenticity question - I have had the bag authenticated and have purchased it from a well know reseller.

    I have been searching and searching online, but cannot find any other bags that are similar or even this particular bag in any other colour or size and was wondering if one-off type styles are ever part of seasonal collections. All other seasonal styles seem to come in a bit of a variety, ie tote, hobo, different colours, sizes etc.

    I have placed it as from Fall 2013, and the style number is A66194 but when I search collections for that year, nothing at all similar comes up.

    This is a link to the same bag. Once again, I mention that I am not looking for authentication and this is not where I purchased the bag from, but it is this identical bag and have just put this link in for reference purposes so you can see the bag I am talking about!


    I have already asked about this bag in the Identify this Chanel thread but did not get any responses.

    So I guess my question is: Are all bags part of a collection, or are some just one-offs?!

    Thank you to anyone that might be able to help!
  2. I do think that while often you see bags being affiliated with certain collection/theme released seasonally (usually reflected in their name or sharing certain unique design details shared in same collection), there are some seasonal bags that are not specifically tagged to a "collection" per se.

    By collection, I assume you mean like the recent "airline/travel" collection where many bags had specific names like the "propeller" bag, etc. that are part of that collection's "theme".

    My first Chanel bag was a caviar jumbo size bag that is a seasonal bag but is not part of any specific "collection/theme" of that season. It was simply called "messenger bag". There is no other bags during that season that had similar design either (except for the same bag that came in smaller size).

    Gotta say, still love and use that bag lots - it's got a very elegant classic look, light weight, perfect casual size, has a different stitching pattern for the quilts, shiny dark almost "wet" looking caviar, with very unique detailing and hardware (exactly how I know it didn't belong to any specific "collection" that season cuz I've seen nothing like it from same season).

    Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you for your reply!

    I found it hard to word my question, without sounding like I was rambling!

    Not even "collection", but individual seasonal styles that are named. When I look at other styles from around 2013, like for instance Globe Trotter, Coco Twin, Deauville, just to name a few, there always seems to be more than just one bag! All of these others seem to come in at least a range different colours, sizes etc!
  4. do you know the year of your bag? most seasonal styles (at least recent history) will have a name of some sort. they might do a one-off of a style, but they will generally put out like 2-3 things in that one style, like a flap/tote/clutch, etc., so you might not find your exact bag but you'd find the other pieces it resembles. i am not a historian, but i don't think you'd ever see just one bag style made and not be part of a collection name (vintage pieces being an exception because there were no collection names). they do have giveaways for people who attend shows and there have been clutches (from unnamed collections) that end up on the resale market although your bag looks too recent to be collection-less. imo.
  5. Thanks for responding!

    Yes, as I said in my first post, this bag is fall 2013. As it is only quite recent, I thought I would be able to find out more information, or similar bags. I have googled under every possible search term I can think of, and can't find anything similar. I have found other sale listings for this style on *bay and other well know consignment sites, but they are only ever the exact same bag and only in black!!
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