Dumb question--Do you carry your Spring Spy bags in the Fall?


Sep 6, 2007
I have the Blueberry and Emerald Spy bags and I would like to be able to carry them all year round. Do you have to stick with what's in during the Spring collection and Fall collection? I think if you love something this much and spend a lot of money it why not use it all the time. I am also interested in buying the Plum Spy from Net-a-porter but I would like to carry it all year round if I could. Any opinions? Thanks.


no will power
May 17, 2007
I agree with every one else! I really dont go by what season it is. If I want to wear a lighter bag in the fall or winter, I have no problem doing so....as long as it matches my outfit, of course!

Go for it! You have great bags...use em all year long if you like!:yes: