Dumb Question - Difference between First and Arena

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  1. What's the difference between the First bag and the Arena bag?

    The other day when I bought a black First from Holt's, the receipt said Black Arena. I assumed they were the same things, just interchangeable names like First/Classique

    But I just saw a member say they have several Firsts, now they want an Arena. Is there a difference?
  2. hmmm not sure but I think some stores still calls it differently - for example in Koh Samui in London, they call the first/classique as lariat;)
  3. isn't the arena now called the purse?
  4. I am confused myself. I thought the shopper is now called the purse.
  5. ann, i think the shopper and purse are different styles with different dimensions. pics courtesy of ateliernaff.blogspot
    shopping_b.jpg purse.jpg
  6. Please don't feel bad! Many stores mislabel the styles, and that is very confusing! At Holt Renfrew, I've noticed every style is called an "Arena" bag!

    I think some of the names have also changed--the First used to be called the Classique--I think. (See, I'm not sure either!)
  7. "Arena" has nothing to do with the style of the bag ... it refers to the leather!! For instance, if you look at the new Toile bag (or the older Denim bags), the card will indicate "Arena leather".

    If someone refers to a bag 'style' as Arena, I would be suspect ...
  8. Which leather does Arena refer to?
  9. The stiffer leather ... if you look at the Toile or Denim bags (2005/2006), the leather that is around the corners and zip pocket (in the front/middle), that's the Arena leather. It's stiffer and nubblier than the Goat Leather.
  10. I learn something(some days MANY things NEW) everyday!!! Never knew what Arena referred to though have seen it on Rafaello IIRC.
  11. I noticed that for the 2008 colours the swatch board contained the term Arena and, underneath it, Agneau. Is it possible that Arena is referring to the Agneau leather they are using in 2008?
  12. Agneau: Lamb

    Chevre: Goat
  13. Ahh good thread:woohoo:...I too learned something today too
  14. To the original poster - please don't feel like you asked a dumb question. A lot of the people here learned something new today. I know I did. I LOVE this forum! :heart::yes:
  15. think i've asked this before. i can't recall what's the final word but vaguely remember it's gotta do with the leather. you see the word ARENA on the swatch board at the top right corner:


    and notice the word agneau under it? i haven't gone back to the threads on the 'conspiracy theory' of the leathers bal has been using/now uses.

    eta: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/chevre-vs-agneau-yet-again-213826-12.html#post5100701