Dumb Question. Can I add an option for buyers.....

  1. ...to make an offer AFTER the listing has started and has bids? :shrugs: I was contacted by a buyer who wants me to end my auction early for a great price. If I just end the listing, is there an option on the form for me to sell it to this buyer through eBay w/o having to set up another BIN auction for her?

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. Since the auction has no bids, if there is more than 12 hours remaining, can you just revise it to add a buy now price or maybe change the starting price to the price offered and they can bid and you can end auction early to sell to them.
  3. it has 2 bids already...
  4. You might tick off a few bidders, but the easiest way is to end your auction and set up a BIN auction.
    How can I end my*listing (auction) immediately?
    If you end your listing due to an error in the listing I believe you can relist and receive a listing credit for the re-list, but the start price cannot be any higher than the original. You could add a buy it now to the original start price, but you risk someone placing a bid and the BIN option being removed.
    So basically it's simpler to just set up a BIN.
    Good luck!
  5. Oops...Sorry, I misread it. I thought it said has no bids! Since it has bids, then I would either just let the auction run or if you really want to sell to the person then I would end and set up a new one with BIN.
  6. Thanks ladies!