Dumb Question - But I have to ask

  1. Has anyone purchased a Balenciaga from Dubai? I'm heading over there in July and was curious to know if they use the UAD United Arab Dirhams? Because if thats the case I can buy 2!!:yes:
  2. There are no dumb questions here, don't be silly!

    There are members here from UAE and I am sure they will chime in and answer your question.:yes:

    Two Bbags on holiday? Sounds like my kind of holiday! Have fun in Dubai:yahoo:
  3. i guess i have to wait for someone to answer my question....true?:shrugs:
  4. Yes, TJ, you'll have to wait until the Dubai crowd checks in - there really are people on the board who live/visit there - and they love their Balenciaga, too. Also check the sticky thread at the top of the forum - about where to buy BBags. I'm pretty sure someone mentions what it's like in Dubai.