Dumb question, but here goes...

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  1. About two months ago, I bought a black cambon bucket from Nordstrom Seattle and they charge sent it to me. Now, some of the stitching is coming out and I don't want to deal with the whole months and months to repair thing. I know since it is Nordies, they will return it so I am not too worried about that. My question is, if I return it in California (where there is no Chanel boutique) will they just ship it back to the original store or since it is damaged, does it go to The Rack?? Or does Chanel even wind up at the rack? Thanks for the help in advance, I think I will be putting the cambon back on the Nordstrom to card to make up for the super pricey bag I just bought :rolleyes:
  2. I am not sure what you mean when you say "in California where there is no Chanel boutique". There are a few in Calif.
  3. i'm not sure, but my guess is it will just be shipped back to the original store so that they can process the return. after that, i doubt it will make it to the Rack, but i guess it could!
  4. Sorry, I meant I would be returning it to a Nordies where there is no Chanel boutique. I think the closest one is Topanga Nordstrom and I am in Northern California.
  5. I live in California too and I buy a lot of my Chanel from Seattle Nordies and I was told they do not send it back to the orginal store....the store you return it to keeps it. If its new the store you returned it to will try to sell it. They won't sell defective/ or used product though.

    I was told tough they will call your orginal SA to verify return.....
  6. imgg, so even though my Nordies is not an authorized Chanel retailer, if it was not damaged, they would try to sell it?:shrugs:
  7. I returned a balenciaga to my local nordstrom and was told that since it is collector's pieces, it goes to the original store. I assume it will be the same for chanel.
  8. That's what I was told by my SA in Seattle. He recently sent me two bags and one of them I didn't like so I asked him what would happen to the one I'm returning. Chanel at Nordstroms is owned by Nordstrom, unlike LV at NM is owned by LV. :shrugs:

    Maybe he gave me wrong info.....I haven't had time to return the bag so I'll ask once I return it....
  9. Ok I work for CHANEL at Nordstrom in the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Here's the procedure. Only stores that carry CHANEL are allowed to process sales and returns. When you take it back to whichever store you choose in California, they will have to call the store you purchased it from and complete the return over the phone. The return will actually be completed on a register that is approved by CHANEL. Then, the next day, the bag will be overnighted back to the store that it came from.

    This policy is both for CHANEL and GUCCI, which are considered luxury designers and have very specific guide lines for how their merchandise can be sold.

    I hope that helps answer your question.
  10. Oh and CHANEL would never EVER end up at the Rack. period.
  11. Thank you, that makes sense.....
  12. what a dream if it did though! haha :nuts:
  13. Thank goodness!
  14. Thanks so much CHANELboy for the info. If only we could be so lucky that Chanel would wind up at the rack....wishful thinking!
  15. Oh oops! :shame: My SA made a boo-boo!

    I'm in nor.cal too and I returned a bag I bought from Seattle to my local Nordstroms and they returned it with no problem. They didnt call Seattle or anything. However the SA told me that they would ship it back to Seattle