Dumb question but...about the hardware...

  1. The SA today told me that the hardware is gold plated on to brass and thats why it chips off....b/c I was complaining.....is this true??? I thought that it was just solid brass......:shrugs:
  2. I read somewhere that it is gold plated so maybe it's true. Not sure where I saw that. It was when I first started liking LV.
  3. I couldnt stand it so I called LV...they said that yes, it is gold plated and that to have the zipper pulls replaced it will be $22.00!!! I think that I will do that for some of my pieces....since they dont re-plate them.....

    Geez, I just answered my own question....:shame: :P
  4. Yes, gold-plated. Many vintage LVs had solid brass.
  5. Really?? I guess its better now then since its still solid brass yet is gold plated.....for rusting protection I suppose....:nuts:
  6. Or is it cheaper for them now...:hysteric:

    I'd rather have solid brass. More and more, I'm thinking about kicking LV to the curb. :sad:
  7. Wait..isnt it more expensive to have solid brass coated with gold???? Why is just solid brass better??
  8. Solid brass isn't better.....Because the solid brass tarnishes.
  9. I thought solid brass was better because when it tarnished, it could be cleaned and restored with brass cleaner, but the plated hardware eventually flakes or something? :confused1: Somebody let me know for sure...I just remember a thread or two about flaking hardware.
  10. The problem was, when the brass tarnishes it ruins the vachetta around it...also, almost impossible to clean the brass, without getting cleaner on the vachetta....so in the long run...much easier and less expensive to replaced chipped hardware than vachetta.
  11. Okay, that make sense....never thought of it that way.:supacool:
  12. Ok...so it is still "solid brass" with gold coating or are you saying that it is not solid brass and is just gold plated hardware??? Sorry, Im confused....:confused1:
  13. That's ok...can't be solid brass anymore, because it is coated....but yes, underneath is 'solid' brass, with gold coating.
  14. is it like gold or gold coloured plated?
  15. it's not gold. it's gold colored plating. lord if it was gold everythign would cost so much more.