Dumb Question about the Speedy

  1. Ok... I have a dumb question about the speedys:

    I'm not a huge LV collector (to be honest I only have the black leather Koala bracelet which I LOVE LOVE LOVE but I don't have any bags. I get turned off by the fact that so many of them are faked, even if I know I shouldn't!). But my mom would like a speedy and I've seen a number of them for sale (authorized resellers, my poupette recommended only, even if I hear that she's kindof a pain). I was thinking of getting her one for mothers day (probably too late for valentines). I don't understand the real difference between the numbers after them (25, 30, 35). I bet that it's a size thing, but which do you recommend? I saw a bunch for really low prices at 2nd-handbag.com if anyone's familiar with that seller.

    Any advice would be helpful, thanks in advance!
  2. You are right, the numbers are the size... 25 being 25 centimetres (approx 10 inches) 30cms=12" and so on.

    Most ppl prefer the 30.. but the 25 and the 35 are also great.. depends on how much stuff your mom carries.
    If she prefers a bigger bag or not.. check out what she carries now, that will give you an idea.
    Sorry, I have no experience with the site you posted.. but buying it second hand from a mypoupette seller on eBay might be a good idea. Make sure you ask lots of questions about condition and odors.
    Best of luck! Your mom is a lucky lady!
  3. Yes, the numbers are the size. 25 is small and good for petite women. The only complaint I have heard is that it is diff. to get in and out of the speedy. the 30 is the more common size. That is the one I have. The 35 is larger and so on.
    A good place to get pre-owned speedys is let trade. They have on line site and sell on eBay. Be sure to get it authenticated in the authentication thread before you buy. Good luck
  4. I have a 25 in Mono and I love it. How tall are you? If you are petit, go for the 25.
  5. i have the 30 and love it.. i would recommend that size. At first i wanted to get the 25 and now I am glad i went with the 30..
  6. If your mom doesn't carry a whole lot of stuff, the 25 would be great! If she's a bigger bag kind of mama, then get her the 30. Let Trade is a good place to look and you can always post eBay listing on "Auth this LV" under the shopping section.
  7. like the rest, i would recommend the 30 size. :smile:
  8. I have a 30 and a 40 and they are great! I mostly use the 40 for school, but IMO 30 is the perfect size and every speedy I'll buy from now on will be 30.

    I don't agree that it's difficult to get in and out of - one of the reasons why I love it in the first place is that IMO it is really easy to get in and out of :yes:
  9. my opinion: 25- for a grown woman, is usually too small.. 35- more of a travel size, or work bag if you carry loads of stuff... 30- perfect for any and everyone
  10. I am petite (5'2" and 110 pounds) and I rock the 30! 25 is toooo small. I think 25 is too small especially for a more mature lady.

    Good Luck! You are so good to your mom!
  11. For your mom, I'd recommend a 30, and check out www.let-trade.com -- he is an authorized MPRS LV reseller and his items are in great condition for the prices!
  12. If you are talking Mono ~ I prefer the 35 because there's not too much of them running around or "Faked". If she would like the Damier Ebene then go with the 30 ... the 25 is definitely cuter in the Damier Azur.

    There's also the Mini Lin in Ebene and Dune ... I have not seen fake ones of those yet.
  13. Thanks for all the great advice... I'm off to search for a 30, then! :smile:
  14. I'm *not* petite (5'2", but 5'6" with my shoes on--yes, ANY of my shoes, and 145 lbs.) and I have several 30's, a 25 and a 35. I would say the 35 is my favorite size--I basically only carry LE bags, which is why I have so many 30's (because LE Speedys are usually 30s), but 35 is really the PERFECT size for me. The 25 I only have because it was LE and it is TOOOOO SMAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!

    I would recommend the 30 if you are not sure. It's the classic Speedy IMO.
  15. I'd go for the 30!!