Dumb question about downloading photos

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  1. I was trying to attach photos of my new Greige City (which I still haven't decided whether I'm keeping) because several of you wanted to see more pictures of the Griege, but when I tried to attach the photos, I got a message that the file exceeded the allowable size on PF. Does anyone know how I can make the file smaller?
  2. I have an Apple iBook, so I don't have the Paint progam. Do any of you also have an Apple? If so, how have you been able to reduce the size of your pics?
  3. I email them to myself and reduce the size then. Sad, but for me it's the quickest and easiest way.
  4. I have an apple and use the graphic converter its in the applications section! pretty much the same as Paint! good luck!
  5. I use Adobe Photoshop to resize the image. I always make sure to save it in .jpg format since this is the only format I know that has the least file size.:shame: :P
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