DUMB question about Damier Speedy

  1. OK I am even embarrassed to ask such a stupid question, but here goes.:shame: :rolleyes:

    Does the Damier Speedy 30 have a ring that you can clip a keyfob onto? My mono 35 has one, but I am not sure about the damier speedy 30.

    Also, if it does have one, does anyone clip a keychain onto it? Does it cause the brass coating to come off and scratch or chip? Thanks so much for any help:smile:
  2. My damier speedy 30 has one, I dont have a keychain on mine. I just connect my coach wristlet to it. I think it was made to attach a Cles or a pouchette =D
  3. Thanks for the info:smile:

    Cute idea about the coach wristlet BTW
  4. can u take a pic of it? thanks!