dumb? question about cuddling, lol! arm hurts?

  1. Okay, so when I cuddle with my bf (the kind where my head is on his shoulder) one arm is across his chest/torso and the other is smushed. :shrugs:But everyone in the movies or whatever look so comfortable cuddling. They fall asleep like this and are fine the next day. I always end up with pain in one arm. Okay, not always, but often enough. Look how happy and peaceful these people look, lol!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Where is her other arm? Is it smushed in between or is there some secret I don't know? :confused1: LOL
  2. LOL! I feel ya! I've been sleeping this way for the past 7 years!
  3. How can you fall asleep like this? My arm would be all bent up and uncomfortable. How about snuggling for 30 minutes and then respecting each other's private space? LOL My husband and I even have separate sets of blankets so that we don't pull and tug on one blanket all night long. I can't imagine sleeping like that. I thought they only did it in the movies for fun.
  4. :roflmfao: Good question!!! I've always wondered and I'd like to know how it's done too!!! :roflmfao:
  5. i have fallen asleep like this. (i miss this part about being with him :sad:) but i move in my sleep, as i'm sure he did, so he and i would always end up sleeping clutching the pillow.

    but gosh i miss that. that's exactly how we'd fall asleep every night i was with him. more like the first image, he'd always have his hand on me somewhere, whether it was resting on my arm that was on his chest, or his arm around my shoulders.
  6. This is why I tell my BF to move! I need space haha. Poor BF.
  7. ^^ haha me too! i have a breathing problem, so i need my own space and cant have his arms/hands on my chest too much. he gets soooo mad, he just keeps telling me, "man i wish u had my lungs!! i just wanna hold you so tight and squeeze you without you passing out!" ahha. the movies make it look so good and comfy and easy.. very misleading.. HAHA!
  8. lol I'm glad I'm not supposed to be super comfortable sleeping like that all night, lol. Usually it's okay but a few times I'd hurt and actually lose my range of motion in that shoulder. lol
  9. hahaha this question is funny. I couldnt help but to laugh. I usually dont sleep like that, too uncomfortable, plus its weird having his armpit hair touching my body lmfao!
  10. Those models only have one arm, the one that's showing.

    I'm kidding. It's tucked beween her and him somewhere.

    OP, sounds like you pinch a nerve in your neck or shoulder on occasion if you sleep like this. Very commom!

    DH and I have seperate beds, but mainly it's because he tosses and turns, and I can't be jostled like that in my sleep.
  11. LOL BF and I cuddle like that when I first get into bed, but after...I don't know, maybe 20 or so minutes, as we're about to drift off into serious sleep, we reposition ourselves! I prefer to sleep on my left side, and he prefers to sleep on his right side, so we're basically back to back after that since I sleep on the left side of the bed. I usually initiate the change of position when my arm starts to tingle and go numb.
  12. My bf is somewhat buff and his chest is high enough so it supports my neck and have enough room for my arm, but I am laying on my arm though

    Ohh I love to fall asleep on his tummy..it's so comfy--I'd sacrifice arm pains to be near his chi. (Chi means energy, btw)
  13. we fall asleep like this every night. no lie. only as soon as we enter that deep sleep, I will pull away and get more comfy. he can sleep like that all night but I can't because of the other arm being a little smushed.....

    okay - you can start hurling tomatoes at me now....
  14. VA the other thread was closed and yet your still talking about him...let it go!
  15. not gonna happen!:lol: