Dumb question about clochettes and cadenas

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  1. When you wear your cadena instead of your regular lock, do you still wear your clochette as well? If so, do you hang the cadena on the clochette or do you place it elsewhere? Thanks!
  2. kenzie, with the Birkins/HACs, yes, I hang the Cadena on the clochette and let it kind of dangle there. It adds a jewel look, more shine, more metal to the bag.

    But, on my Kellys, I don't use the clochette so the cadena goes on the metal piece at the base of the handle.

    Love dressing up the bags a bit with the cadenas. Do you use them?
  3. I don't have any cadenas yet, but I love how cute they look!
  4. I hang the cadenas from the clochette too. In fact, I've never used a bag lock at all! On my kelly I just use a clochette and no cadena for some reason and reserve the cadenas for birkins only. Why -- I don't know. :confused1::confused1:
  5. Exactly like I do too:yes:
  6. I wonder if I should start a new thread - but trying this one first. How do you ladies (and gents!) use your H cadenas? I received the pelican lock as a gift and wondering what to do with it... if you have photos it would be so much appreciated....