Dumb Queestion

  1. I have only purchased one scarf in my Hermes quest and this was online and they did take my debit card. I don't have credit cards, and what I want to know is, does the Hermes stores take debit cards and checks. What is there preferred method of payment. I know that Neiman Marcus only takes certain credit cards as well as their own card. Does Hermes have a particular preference? :confused1:
  2. My store takes cheques, but I'm not in the US, PL, sorry.
  3. I think it depends on whether you are shopping at Hermes.com or a store. My store will only ship using AMEX, unless you have physically come in and done an imprint of another card. At that, the shipping address must match the billing address, or be on file with the credit card company. And they will not ship bags. Very strict.

    But other stores have different policies. When I realized that I would have to do a little store shopping by phone, I got an Amex. It had to be done....:p

    ETA: if you are shopping in person, you can use what you like.
  4. ^ A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
  5. So true.....
    I got the one with the cashback savings thingie option....
    you wouldnt believe how fast that adds up....

    Oh, wait, i bet you would, he he he.......

    oh, and the best part...online billing. This is in complete compliance with my dont ask dont tell policy where DH is concerned (he doesnt ask, I dont tell...)
  6. Hmm, my Alaskan boutique takes anything - credit, debit (card), check, wire transfer, etc...
    I'm just waiting for one day to spot someone piling wads of cash on the counter...:p
  7. ^ I've seen two Birkins paid for in cash by a Japanese gentleman at my store.
  8. CB, *ROTFLMAO* Good one! ;)
  9. Actually I have paid in cash for large items at Hermes before. I guess they're semi-used to it in New York, since none of the SAs raised an eyebrow. I did feel conspicuous though!

    To the original question--I have also used a debit card many times to pay at Hermes, though I have never tried to write a check/cheque there. Many merchants in the US no longer accept checks, but most of them do accept debit cards as long as there's a credit card logo on the debit card.
  10. Fewer and fewer stores in the UK are accepting cheques these days either.
    I don't know anything about the debit card system in the US but any credit card belonging to the Mastercard and Visa systems seems to be acceptable from here to the wilds of Papua New Guinea.
    There are stories in the UK of ladies turning up at Hermes with all kinds of jumbles of cash including penny jars and the staff are quite used to it because they understand people scrimp and save to buy the goods.
  11. It's the same here in the US. Nearly all bank debit cards now carry either a MasterCard or Visa logo and can be used any place that accepts regular credit cards.
  12. I use my debit Visa all the time at Hermes but if you are making a large purchase, call your bank in advance and make sure that your allowable one-time-charge limit is high enough. Banks usually set a pretty low one-time-charge limit ($2,000 or so) to prevent someone from stealing your debit card and using it as a Visa. But, if you clear it with them in advance, you should be fine!
  13. I've used both Visa and Mastercard (my MC is a check card) without a problem. I'm sure the store would accept cash - who doesn't ;) - and probably check, though a few places I've shopped at have discontinued accepting checks because of the risk of check fraud.

  14. Great advice NS and not just for debit cards also for CCs if you're travelling overseas. Always let the company know you're going away and where you'll be :tup:
  15. This is great advice, S. I came across this very problem in NY.......