Dumb LV Question #3486...

  1. So, why did LV decide to used the naked/untreated leather? Don't get me wrong...I love a beautiful patina. But there are certain bags that I don't want because I fear they may get wet or stained at the bottom. If they ever decided to treat the leather, would many of you still buy the bags?
  2. i'm in the same boat as you. as much as i love the mezzo, i don't think i could ever get myself to buy it because i'd be too anal to ever put it down! :lol:
  3. It would drive me crazy! It seems that if I love the way a bag looks, it has one of those bottoms that would be too much trouble to keep dry/clean. And the ones without the naked leather bottoms are either too big, or (IMO) they have an unappealing shape or they have no zipper.
  4. I'm afraid to use my brand new speedy 30 - from all I've read on this blog.

  5. I've had my Speedy 30 since about 1998. It still looks great! Of course, the vachetta has patinaed...but it looks great! The canvas is still in perfect condition. IMO, it's one of the more indestructible bags out there.
  6. 2nd leah
  7. So they can make you come back and buy a new one. LOL! Just kidding!
  8. I hate when the vernis pieces darken, EWWWWW.. I also think it looks bad on the multicolor collection. Personally to be honest, I wouldn't mind if they would use a light treated leather always.

    Is there anyway we can treat our leather after we get it so it will never patina?
  9. ITA!!
  10. Question of the year!!! You know..I love LV bags, have many, but when the hardware tarnishes...I ask myself..am I a moron??? Am I so fooled by fashion and status items that I shell out the money for bags that cost alot and probably takes a fraction of the price we pay for them to make them! The LV purse makers are probably laughing their butts off!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: What is wrong with us? Not putting anyone down..believe me...I am the worst of the worst....As I sit here putting my bags in a sunlit window to get a patina as some of my family members laugh at me.. its nuts but It does make me happy to have them and use them.. Meanwhile..I will be at my LV store on thursday to get the new damier speedy. go figure!!!:shocked: :shocked: :shocked: