Dumb Kitties! Puncture mark on my new speedy! AHHH!

  1. I'm going to kill them! I was just looking at my bag and guess what there is a punture mark on the bottom side of one of the handels..... its not huge but its still there!!!!! I don't know what to do about that.... stupid kitties....:smash::censor:

    Any solutions... its a less than 2 week old bag :wtf:

    Photo 16.jpg

    It might be hard to see I took the pick with my isight...
  2. I don't know what to suggest you do about the bag:crybaby:, but please put Soft Paws nail caps on your cats!! It will save you and your bags, furniture, etc. much grief. I learned the hard way, too:crybaby:
  3. Aw, I dont think it looks bad.

    It looks normal.

    Its just a little puncture, and its just a bag!

    Plus, I bet you truly love your kitties.

    So, just let it by.

    And hope they dont bite/paw on anymore stuff!

    Good luck!
  4. I do love them but they're such noodle heads hahahahahaha

    o well such is life with a cat!

    risingsun: I think it was one of their fangs that did it hahaha but not a bad idea about the soft tips
  5. awww.......

    It doesnt look too bad!

    Dont hurt the kitties :smile: lol
  6. Oh, I'm sorry for you!

    But I'm sure the poor kitties didn't do it on purpose! They probably couldn't resist touching your pretty bag and feel really sorry right now... Well at least your bag is made really personal right now :biggrin: and it is just a bag and no biggie! I hardly see it!
  7. I agree with the others I even had to re-read your post to see where the puncutre was, lol! it's on the underside of the handle so people would't even notice it.

    Looking onthe bright side, you have a mark the identifiees YOUR bag ;) and considering the mark is on the handles you could get them replaes at a later stage, if it bothers you that much.
  8. HAHA I know you are all right its no big deal but its like they have to personalize everything I own! hahahahah

    it doesn't bother me but it does i wouldn't get my handels replace but :rolleyes:
  9. It's not bad at all. No one will notice it.
  10. It adds character!
  11. Luckily it's located on the underside of the handle, so it won't be too noticeable....:rant:bad kitties !!!!!

    LV + pets = :wtf: no-no!!
  12. hahahhahha awwww they love LV
  13. oh no! It doesn't look too big though.
  14. Ouch. At least it's not gigantic. Forgive your kitties, I'm sure they're adorable.
  15. Not bad at all. As you use the bags and the leather softens it may even disappear!