Dumb-er question about LV

  1. I am trying to get help to buy a gift for my sister. It will soon be obvious how new I am to LV. Is the Neverfull part of their permanent collection? Same as the T&B line? And I'm assuming the lines with the seasonal names like the Mini Lin Croisette are the ones being released one time, correct?

    Hooo boy. I sound so idiotic. I just want to make sure before I buy! And I'll be a good girl this time. I WON'T buy anything for me....okay maybe one pochette....and the wapity....:angel:
  2. The Neverfull is permanent.

    The T & B line is seasonal.
  3. ^^ditto! and don't be afraid to ask. if you think its been asked before, search the forums first before posting! trust me, everyone has to start somewhere and chances are any questions you may have will probably have been asked. :smile:
  4. How sweet of you, your sis is a lucky girl. The Neverfull is a great bag. What size are you planning of getting?
  5. Yep the Mini Lin Croisette is a LE item. But there's still lots in store so you would be able to get one easily! :p
  6. Just the PM. Others are too big.

    Thanks for the info you guys. I do use the search engine all the time, but most of my searches end up with zero results. Oh well but thanks again!
  7. The PM is my fav size. I am 5'3" and the MM abd GM look huge on me.