Dumb dumb dumb. VAT international purchases...

  1. I'm sorry, I just have to vent about how silly I've been!

    I've purchased two Chanel bags in the past month from eBay (I'm meant to be on a bag ban mind you!). Both have been sent from the US to the UK, and today I get home to find two letters from Parcel Force, notifying me that I owe £91.14 and £73.61 respectively for them, the bulk of which comes from VAT. When I purchased them I stupidly didn't even consider this sort of cost, and if I had I would have saved my money and purchased the white jumbo Chanel bag I've been coveting for months and hadn't purchased because there are lots of other things I could be spending £1000 on right now. But given the amount I spent on the two bags on eBay, plus the VAT I've had to pay on them, I've almost spent £1000 anyway...for 2nd hang bags!!! :smash:

    Seriously, how silly can I get!!! Anyway, I'm really sorry about the whinge, but I really needed to share....:crybaby:
  2. yup, thats customs for you
  3. I was in the same situation when i got my custom vat charges. I could of got the same bag, new for the price. I just needed to add little more £. tut
    This is when eBay bug gets you. You think your getting a bargain...

    Just to add... you don't get charge if you purchase its inside eu.
  4. It sucks so much, this is the resason I just ended up buying my Bbag straight from Selfridges, it would've cost more for me to get it from abroad. It's ridiculous. So annoying. *hugs* I bet your bags are gorgeous though, right? :smile:
  5. I'm on the other side of the spectrum here but there is bag on eBay that is my HG and is located in the UK and I'm in the US. If I add up the shipping and customs duty, it will cost me pretty much what I can get for a new bag. *sigh* The seller said she would claim a lesser amt on the customs form but if by chance it gets lost then she would be responsible and I would hate for that to happen because she's a fellow PF'er. So......it's back to square one and hoping that my HG shows up again but in the US. :crybaby:
  6. These are painful lessons aren't they? I always try to remember the apparent amount I am paying is often going to turn out to be much more once customs/fees are factored in. I still buy a lot internationally though - there are some items I just can't resist!
  7. Aww, thanks for the supportive words all. It's a hard lesson to learn, but I don't think I'll make the same mistake again. :blah:

    Oh well, I'm just going to have these new bags worth their while by working 'em big time..."Work it baby, work it!" :p
  8. I'll try to make you feel better by saying that customs in Manila charges 40% of declared value (so I recently paid $150 for a $350 bag...)
  9. Holy dooly! That's outrageous Hip!!!!! That really does make me feel better :yes:
  10. I had the same thing happening to me with a second hand Fendi bag. Cost me over 100euros extra! Since then I only let them ship low value. Has never went wrong, especially not when it has a tracking number. I rather pay a bit extra for a quality and fast shipping service in return.. Even did it with a 2K chanel bag a little while back!
    But I do want to say, make sure about that tracking number!
  11. Wow! So sorry to hear that ... VAT and duty taxes are a painful after thought, aren't they?

    I just sold a red jumbo to a lady in the UK. She wanted full insurance and I reminded her that meant full customs disclosure. She took that well and i'm glad it was a highly wanted bag! Reading your story I can see VAT may cost her a fortune!

    Hope you love your bags!

  12. ok i will try and make u feel even better...i had a bag sent to me from US to Denmark and thankfully the seller agreed to put the value of 50 dollars instead of the real value on the parcel ( 900 more likely hihi ) ... the darn b*&(^&(%^rds of the customs charged me 150% of the value of the parcel in tax ! now imagine what i would have had to pay if the seller put the real value...:hysteric::sweatdrop: never having anything shipped here again!
  13. That's alot! Don't you have family in the US that can ship to you in Manila?