Dumb Burberry question....

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  1. What does Prorsum mean? I've been trying to figure it out and am gettin' no where....
  2. No idea. I looked it up everywhere. What's BIRKIN mean? I think designers make this crap up just to annoy people.
  3. i think the birkin was named after someone.

    jane birkin, i think. like the kelly was named after grace kelly.
  4. Absolutely. Jane Birkin was an iconic actress/model/whatever of the 1960's. She was the first to really 'adopt' the bag as her everyday tote.

    The Kelly bag became that when Grace Kelly used it to hold in front of her newly pregnant stomach to diguise her state.
  5. I was in the Burberry store today and I asked what Prorsum meant. I was told it meant FORWARD in Spanish. Sounds like a good explanation but I can't find the word in any Spanish-English dictionary.

    Any Spanish speakers out there who recognize the word as something close to meaning FORWARD?
  6. I'm fluent in Spanish and I don't know that word! Forward in spanish is 'delantro'. Humm... :weird:
  7. OK, the mystery continues.....
  8. Prorsum means forward, straight ahead in latin. ;)
  9. Thank you! I feel so much better! I was rather suspicious when the SA said it was Spanish. I don't speak Spanish but I am familiar enough with the modern romance languages to feel that letter arrangement didn't seem right.
  10. Whewwww-- it is solved!! Vlad is a master of languages (not trying to brag for him but he is a genius and speaks many languages). I am lucky to know spanish- so I felt special to even be able to tell you that Prorsum is not spanish!

    Well now we have an answer... feelin better?! I do! :idea: