Dulled caviar leather??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight or advice. I bought a Timeless Clutch in black caviar leather a little over 6 months ago in Paris. At the time, the leather was fine. But the leather is now DULL, especially in comparison to the caviar leather on my GST. I brought the clutch back to the boutique here in Toronto and the SA attempted to polish it - it is STILL dull. She suggested that perhaps the leather dulled due to excessive use. Quite honestly, I have used this clutch maybe a handful of times at best, a FRACTION compared to the GST which I use almost everyday. Yet the leather on the GST still remains shiny.

    Is there anything they can/will do? Do/can they still do an exchange after 6 months (but less than a year)? I'm not sure if I have the receipt anymore, as I sent it in to the customs office in order to claim my tax back. Do they have a record of my sale even if I purchased it from another city/country? Can they look up my transaction by the serial number of my bag? I'm a little apprehensive about bringing it to a cobbler, as the SA suggested?!?! She said that I could buy some shoe polish to clean it myself??? Ummm...there has to be another alternative! I expect better from Chanel! Has anyone else had this problem??? :hysteric:

    Sorry for the slew of questions, but any help would be GREATLY appreciated. TIA! :yes: