Dull Brass

  1. so when brass on LV's dull what makes the brass shine again. How can i clean it?
  2. I have had GREAT results with a silver cloth. Not a treated one...that you have to wet but just a plain silver polishing cloth. It works really well and shines them back up again. I also use it on my Chanel.

  3. I use Sunshine Polishing cloths on gold LV hardware. You can find them on Ebay, just do a search. They run about $4 per cloth. I buy them in groups of six. They work on zippers and hardware, and on jewelry as well. ;)
  4. BRASSO works wonders. You can purchase it at any grocery store for a few dollars. Its a gold colored liquid that you apply with a cloth or q-tip and let it dry. Afterwards you wipe it off with a cloth and it looks like new. Be careful not to get it on any leather parts though.
  5. These are such great suggestions!

    Thanks for posting the thread aecsula!
  6. Brasso is good to use on the hard case luggage LV makes, because the corners and locks on those pieces are solid brass that aren't coated or treated and tend to tarnish the minute they leave the store. The gold-toned metal on the handbags, though, appears to be some kind of jeweler's metal that resists tarnishing much better than plain brass, so that is why I use the jeweler's cloths on them. Once you use Brasso on a the purse hardware it will tarnish more quickly the next time. ;)
  7. thanx so much for all ur advice and im glad this thread was useful to other as well!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: