Dull brass on your LV...I say give this a try!

  1. I have some great news! Tonight I tried Connoisseurs Ultra Soft Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth on my brass LV Vegas necklace and it came up looking brand new! I am so excited. I had noticed it looking so dull and I was afraid to use Brasso (I use Brasso on my LV locks) for fear of it being too strong and getting residue stuck between the links. Lo and behold, Connoisseurs worked like a charm! I got mine in Walmart (yes Walmart...my Tivoli PM and I went shopping there today!) for under $5.00. I am betting this cloth would work nicely on the chains and other brass hardware on our LV although I haven't tried it on anything else yet.

    I wish I had taken a before shot, but here is the after (and just look at all that dirt and tarnish on the cloth!).

  2. Thanks for sharing :heart:
  3. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to try this one day! :smile:
  4. thanks 4 sharing
  5. wow. look at all that dirt and tarnish on the cloth. it must have done an amazing job
  6. Wow!! I'll have to try it on my locks.
  7. Fantastic! May need to stop by Walmart tomorrow.
  8. I wonder if this will polish up dull zippers, I hate when that happens.
  9. WOOOOW... just look at all of that dirt on that cloth!!! :wtf:

    Good job on exploring new things! ;)
  10. Holy COW! The vegas is squeaky clean now.
  11. wow, good to know ... thanks for the info!
  12. Fantastic discovery - this is headline news! Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately we don't have Walmart in this part of the world so I'll have to try and find it somewhere else.
  13. I thought that might be the case that is why I photographed the packaging.

    Oh, and yes, I am wearing my Vegas chain around my neck today with a pinstripped white shirt and it looks spectacular!:yahoo:
  14. Great news! Thanks for the info, I noticed a lil tarnish on some locks of mine
  15. Good to know...thanks for sharing your discovery!!!