Dull areas on patent leather bag, can it be shiny again?


Sep 3, 2015
I recently bought a patent leather clutch while I was on vacation. At the time of purchase I noticed some areas of the bag were a bit dull - but assumed they were just fingerprint marks that could be cleaned off. The SA assured me that the fingerprints would come off with a soft cloth! I packed it away, and didn't take another look at it until I got home and took it out to be wiped down. I then noticed there were some areas on the front that didn't have the same shine as the rest of the bag. I cleaned it with a soft, damp cloth, and that one particular area still looks 'dirty'.
Is there something I could treat the bag with, or clean it with to make that area not so dull?

I've had a read of some other threads on patent, but this doesn't look like a transfer. I haven't even used it, and it has been kept in a dust bag since I bought it. Any suggestions appreciated!


Sep 29, 2017
i think they make patent leather cleaner (conditioners) maybe go to a shoe store, sometimes they have leather suppliers there. they can revive it... maybe