Dulce? Help...

  1. I need your help guys. i saw a nice Dulce leather bag and I LOVE it.

    It is a Dulce, bilos in ice.


    I am very tempted to buy it, but I had never heard of the brand before today and don't know anything about the quality of the leather. has anyone heard of that name? Every little bit of information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I know absolutely nothing about it but its really cute. great find.
  3. Never heard of Dulce but it's a great bag especially the price. Nice everyday bag and it seems light.
  4. I co-own a handbag boutique in Seattle. We stock this brand. It's by a girl in Brazil. I think it used to be two partners, but now it's just one girl. IMO, the Bilos is the best of her current designs. The leather is soft and the bag is really light. I've never seen the ice color before. Very pretty!
  5. thank you everyone. Much appreciated.