Dukan Diet: Follow my Journey to Lose 50 lbs (23kg)

  1. Today, I started the first day of the Dukan Diet. I have been hearing about it in the press and finally purchased the book yesterday. My goal is to lose 50 lbs (23kg) by the end of July. For those who are interested I will be keeping track of my weight loss progress & food intake. The Dukan Diet seems to be a little more restrictive than Atkins but I am hoping it yields great results for me.

    For the first 5 days I will be doing the Attack Phase. This can be done between 1-10 days depending on your weight loss goal. There are 10 categories of which you can eat anytime and be combined in whatever manner, composing primarily of proteins.

    In brief, these are the categories:
    Cat 1 - lean meats (veal + beef)
    Cat 2 - offal (liver + tongue)
    Cat 3 - fish
    Cat 4 - shellfish
    Cat 5 - poultry (all except goose + duck & no skin!)
    Cat 6 - smoked turkey, dried beef
    Cat 7 - eggs
    Cat 8 - non fat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, fromage frais)
    Cat 9 - 1.5 litres of water daily (mandatory)
    Cat 10 - 1.5 tablespoons oat bran

    More detail is available in the book or if you're interested, let me know and I'll expand.

    Day 1 Food Intake: I've had a busy day so did not eat much. For lunch I had 2 beef burger patties (less than 15% fat) & some mini-hot dogs. For a snack I had 1 yogurt. I've been drinking a lot of water. Dinner will be chicken breast + another yogurt. So far haven't experienced any hunger but mainly because of the busy day.

    I have tried to find oat bran in the local supermarkets and haven't, so I will have to order it from online & wait. That might take a couple of weeks, so I will have to do without until then.
  2. Good for you! After tomorrow, I wil get back on track w/atkins. I will follow you thread; I am interested in this diet.
  3. Thanks Becca :smile: Wishing you all the best with Atkins!

    Today I had my weigh-in as I forgot to do that yesterday to keep track of my weight loss. I also forgot to mention my 20 minute walk. Walking is an integral part of the program.

    Day 2 food intake so far: I've had a couple of yogurts & plenty of water. No hunger pangs yet. Also a couple of pieces of sugar-free gum.
  4. Hope it works out good Hypnosis!
    I would love to read some more details about this diet and am looking forward to your posts!
  5. good luck!.. i'll try and invent a diet 4 me as i dnt follow diets n i need 2 loose weight but its good ur walking i used 2 walk everyday 4 a month for 40-45 mins n i lost 10 KGs but i used 2 eat home cooked food with olive oil and switched from milk 2 70% dark chocolate.. i hope you get the result you r lookin for
  6. Good luck, personally I'm not a fan of diets like this but I think the biggest key is getting to your healthiest weight while eating in a healthful way that you will be able to maintain that healthy weight..... I've never met a person who was able to maintain an atkins like diet indefinitely and everyone that has lost weight on such a diet gains again because they don't continue to eat that way, you kinda can't and shouldn't as far as I and many others are concerned.....Calorie watching, whole foods, lots of veggies, some fruit (mostly in the berry family), some lean protein sources (a balanced diet).....that's the way to go really, I don't know a single renown medical professional, dietician, etc. that will say anything completely opposite of this.... when you're passed your initial high protein phase to drop some quick weight maybe take a look at the Dr. Weil way of eating, the "anti-inflammatory diet" as it has been tagged. I'm such a fan of this type of eating, and it's a way of life, not a "diet".... it's focused on optimizing your health and reaching or maintaining a weight that works for you, good for the body inside and out...clean eating! I eat very closely to this but no gluten (because of allergy) and of course at times a little something else in moderation.... but in general very close and I truly believe it does a wonderful thing for the body overall. Again good luck!
  7. Hi Hypnosis, good luck with the Dukan diet. I started exactly 30 days ago on the Dukan.

    I do not have a whole lot to lose. I started at 61.3 and now I am 57.5 give or take so I have lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks. I want to lose another 2.

    The first 5 or so days are definately the hardest but if you stick to it you will get in the groove with it.

    I will watch with interest. The nicest thing is that people notice that you have lost weight.

    Lola, this is not Atkins it is Dukan and there are 4 phases so you are not on it forever. Do a quick google search and you will see the different phases. I know 2 people who have done it and lost around 7 kilos and kept it off.
  8. ^I've looked into this before...I know it's not Atkins, I still stand behind my opinion though which is based on facts that I have researched through my studies. I'm sure this has given people results, many things will prove weight loss. A lot of people use weight watchers or pre packaged food programs and lose weight also.... I don't think those are the best/healthiest way to go either but I won't dispute that they have proven results.
  9. We all have different opinions I guess the Dr Pierre Dukan diet is working for me so that is all that matters.
  10. I'm glad it's working for you in terms of weight loss, but honestly, I only chime in on things when I see a potential overall health concern... just trying to spread some knowledge and possibly spare some people some potential adverse health affects... hey none of us are perfect by far but I'm very into sustaining health through nutrition. For me, in the end it's not about if the "diet" helps you lose weight, it's if a way of eating helps you be healthy. I also don't believe in "diets", food is part of everyday life, quick fixes aren't what we should focus on. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/kate-middletons-dukan-diet-could-be-dangerous/764813/
  11. I just read about this diet in the New York Times. Good luck!
  12. Well, another kilo down and I am still healthy so it is all good so far, only 1 more to lose.
  13. BE CAREFUL! I'm in clincial nutrition now and we actually just talked about it in class on Thursday. It can cause kidney problems and even hypertension problems in the long run - and any type of diet with heavy restrictions tends to cause weight gain when you stop the "diet". Cutting out key nutrients is not good for your body, you need fruits and veggies!

    Good luck with your weightloss, if it works for you it works for you I just had to put my health care professional 2 cents in haha.
  14. That is an "atkins-like diet." One of the most common misnomers is that people on Atkins sit around and eat steak and butter all day.

    OP, I have been following Atkins since mid January and have lost 23 pounds. I think this diet sounds more restrictive than Atkins due to seemingly no vegetables, but I'm sure it'll work if you can stick with it. Good luck and I look forward to reading how it's going.
  15. Anyone I've known to follow an atkins diet has always told me they were very limited on fruits, veggies, and whole grains.... clean eating and atkins diets are not the same as far as I'm concerned. An atkins diet always focused on high protein, I don't generally eat meat, just a little fish, no atkins diet would mimic my eating, I'm sorry I will just never be convinced any of these "diets" are the way to go for optimal health.