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  1. I need some help! So last night, I was on the way home from the bars and my friends got in t-boned and needed a ride so I went to get them. Well the driver blew .087 (.08 limit) so he had to go to detox. We were on the way to detox and I was a little lost and stopped at the stop sign for a minute to figure out where I was going. A cop came up behind me and I was going to move forward but he pulled me over for "interferring with traffic". At first he didn't even tell me why he pulled me over until I asked him. I blew .09 and got my first DUI :sad: I feel horrible, I was just trying to help some friends out and I wasn't driving wrecklessly either. Just wrong place at the wrong time and I shouldn't of even been driving.

    So my question is... What is the process like for getting a DUI? should I get a lawyer and do these things ever get dismissed or the charge lessened? Does it stay on your record forever?
  2. I believe a lot will depend on the state you live in--how hard they are on dui's. A lawyer can answer your other questions, and if I were in your spot, I'd hire one. In Illinois, where we used to live, they were really hard on people who got more than one. If it's the first, it may not be so bad. Not excusing it, but it can happen to a social drinker.

    Since I have no personal experience with this, just what I know from others, I would say talking to a lawyer would be a good first step.
  3. In my state,u lose your drivers license and have THOUSANDS in FINES for FIRST offense.I know a friend it happened to years ago on New yrs eve.Its NOT good.U should NEVER drink and drive.Learn from your mistake.
  4. It varies from state to state. I work with Texas and Federal laws, so those are the only ones I have experience with. Get an attorney. DUI laws can be difficult to navigate and you will need one. Do not go to court without counsel.

    And yes, it is a major violation. And yes, it will be on your record forever.
  5. I'm in OH, I've had friends that lost their license for 6months and some a year. I have one friend who got pulled over and the cop made her walk in 5" heels, she had a few witnesses and the cop treated her like ****. Well, she got out of the DUI lost her license for 3months and paid around $800 court fees. It all caries but a 0.09 isn't likely to get dropped. Depends on the judge as well, some are harder than others.
    Get a lawyer and next time, don't drive, a taxi could have picked up your friends.
  6. I don't know about the state you are in but in California, it is a big deal and is getting bigger. It is becoming zero tolerance and it really should be. I don't want to make you feel bad, just to know it is not the end of the world and please do learn from this and call a cab or call your friends a cab next time.
    Your life will be kind of a pain in the ass for the next year or so. Between court date/s and fees and such...but they make it a pain in the ass on purpose because they never want to see you in there again for the same reason.
    All that said, yes, get a lawyer. There are many who specialize in DUI cases.
    Live and learn kiddo. You'll get through this.
  7. Most people I know who've gotten a DUI lost their license. I do know two people who hired high-end attorneys and got off. I guess it's up to you which is more important, not losing your license or not paying high attorney fees. Good luck!
  8. I don't feel that my state's laws are nearly severe enough for OWIs, especially for first offenses. It really does depend on the state you are in, though. Your best bet is to get an attorney immediately. In my state a person can have a 6-9 month license revocation on a first offense, but they can get an occupational license immediately, so it is very little inconvenience for most people.
  9. where do you live?
    In TX, first offense, you WILL lose your license no questions asked, it'll be 90 or 180 days.
    It's almost impossible for it not to hit your record/be dismissed. I mean like 99.9% get convicted of it. You WILL DEFINITELY need/want an attorney and they will know to check the records of your exact breathalyzer machine and other technicalities.
  10. Get an attorney ASAP. They will walk you through the entire process. Don't get a cheap one.

    Chalk this up to a huge lesson learned. Meanwhile, get ready for your life to suck with a suspended drivers license, court, fines, possible rehab couseling sessions, victims panels, the whole bit. This all varies depending on where you live.

    You may need to have an interlock device on your car for awhile once your license is reinstated but that will vary depending on where you live. Plus, get ready for double/triple car insurance rates for a couple years.

    And whatever you do...do NOT drive with a suspended drivers license. Not even a short trip to the grocery store!!
  11. Ugh. PLEASE learn your lesson this time. Get a lawyer, a good one.

    And, dont, for any reason, drink & drive again. It wasnt wrong place, wrong time. It was right place, right time. If he didnt catch you, you could have killed someone.
  12. I dont know about other states, but as for California..

    This is what I do know--

    This stays on your driving record for 10 years, so that means this is chargeable for 10 years- your auto insurance is going to SKY ROCKET (no kidding), your license will get suspended, you will need to have your insurance get you something called an SR22 to get your license reinstated, then another thing regarding your insurance rates...you lose your Good Driver Discount..which is approx 20%.

    Good luck...
  13. As everyone else accurately said, it depends on your state. My best friend got one in Colorado about a year ago (he blew a .081 on a .08 limit, they pulled him over because the little lights that shine on his license plate were out) and he lost his license for either 30 or 60 days (can't exactly remember), a year of probation, had to go to a DUI course, pay some fees, the usual stuff. He has one of those things in his car that he has to blow into now, and the car won't start if it detects ANY alcohol. I think he was required to have that for a year, so it'll probably come off soon.

    Google around and find out which lawyer has the best reputation for DUIs in your area - having a lawyer that specializes and has a lot of experience with the judge you'll be facing will probably help you. Taking a DUI course and doing community service before your sentencing can sometimes help too - my brother got pulled over and arrested for having less than an ounce of marijuana on him (which is a similar charge in some ways) and was able to get very, very light sentencing (and the conviction ultimately removed from his record) because he had been proactive about that stuff before he went to court.

    Having the attitude that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time won't help you with the judge, though, and it's also not true. I like to drink just as much as anyone, but if you get caught driving, own up to it. It's not like they framed you - you made a series of choices that ultimately did not work out in your favor, even though they may have been well-intentioned. I just got home from being the designated driver for a good friend's birthday, and it really is a good idea to decide who is going to have the honor before things get started. My friends and I usually rotate through and everyone takes their turn. If your probation is like my friend's, though, you might gut stuck with that job for the next year or so.

  14. I agree here. It is an expensive mistake.
  15. I remember getting this thing in Drivers Ed saying the cost of a DUI adds up to some ridiculous amount like $25K. Its probably more now, I know that doesnt help you any but your insurance will go up now, you will get tons of fines, lawyers fees, and you will more then likely lose your liscense.