DUH...Practice what you preach!LOL!

  1. OK- For years I have been SUPER DUPER anal about cleaning up puddles on the bathroom floor after my kids bathe and shower......even with all the bath mats in the world...we still seem to flood the floors!
    Well..Today I was extra excited to get a manicure and pedicure..took forever to get in, apptmt wise.....with my kids schedules and all...so yes...you guessed it..I stepped in my own wet floor....fully clothed(BRAND new cute skirt outfit..)...and LANDED so hard on my hip..I swear I couldnt move for 5 minutes!! I was a mess..and of course..after I cleaned myself up..I LIMPED INTO the salon to get my nails done..I swear if it killed me..I was getting a darned pedicure...They looked at me limping and it was sooo funny!
    My kids are going to DIE when they get home from school cuz I swear its the only thing I am super anal about making them do in the house.I was always afraid they would slip..so Practice what you preach..even when you are in a hurry....LOL!
    PS- Still limping..think I have just major bruising......!!!!!Lucky..It felt like a train hit me I hit so hard!!!Luckily..hubby is a doc..will have him check it later....So embarassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My kids are sooo going to "I told you so" me!
  2. Ohhh Jill!!! Glad your ok! That is scary. I almost fell down the steps last week....I thought, I would laying here for hours until someone gets home! But the hubby checking you tonight might be fun?

  3. awww you poor thing! i hope the hip feels better! and at least you know that you were right all along, wiping up is important.

    i slipped like that one time on a piece of melted ice in the dining hall. landed right on my knee cap (thank god it was the good knee, at the time the other one was still in a brace after being dislocated) and i swear the thing hurt for a month straight. i hope yours clears up faster!
  4. jill....thank goodness ur okay!! :sad:......although i coudln't help but giggle......if it weren't for the pain it'd be a really cute story :shame: and i'm sure your kids will love hearing it....
  5. Yikes! I hope you feel better soon. I hate it when my own words come back to bite me!
  6. SELENA-Dirty girl ..you!!LOL!
    ..Could be fun...if my hip wasnt so freakin swollen..argh!!!!LOL!
  7. sorrie to hear that Jill. I'm glad you r ok. My mum always yells at me for having such a messy bathroom. So please don't yell at your kids :wondering .
    btw, it'll be fun when your DH checks on u later. ;)
  8. That sounds horrible. I hope you feel better soon.
  9. Ok- I am totally laughing! Feel like such a klutz! Thanks for all the sweet comments..I am OK-just totally mortified!
    Vuittongirl-ps- I dont really yell at them...I just rag on them constantly so they dont slip and fall!!!LOL! Always a mommy first!
  10. Ah! Hope you're okay! lol You're such a trooper though to have a sense of humor about these things. Haha, I hate wet puddles on the bathroom floor too!
  11. Oh snap! Glad everything's ok with you.
  12. glad you're okay. but yes, make sure you get checked out just in case.
  13. Awwww Jill I'm sorry about your accident. You seem to be taking your medicine really well, though. I'm envious you've got such anal cleaning skills. Feel free to visit my place and work your fairy magic ^_~ (once you're feeling better, of course)
  14. I so glad you're OK and didn't hit your head on anything! Hope you had a great pedicure!
  15. Glad you are ok. A similar thing happened to my mother-inlaws boyfriend 2 days ago. They went out to eat and just before they left he went to the restroom and slipped on a pool of water. He thought he was ok. But he woke up yesterday morning feeling like he got hit with a baseball bat. My mil had to take him to the hospital. He had a sprained finger and pulled muscle in his back.