Duffle With Leather Bottom?

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  1. When I was out on Saturday I passed a woman carrying a khaki signature medium duffle with leather on the bottom. It was gorgeous. I suppose it could have been a fake, as I only saw it in passing, but at the time I was sure it was real.

    So my question is did they make the duffle with leather on the bottom? The ones from this year look odd to me because it seems they should have leather on the bottom to correspond to the top, and also to protect the bag when it is set down. Did they do that in years past, or did they do it with a similar bag?

    Anyway, any info anyone can provide would be great. I'd love a duffle just like that, and haven't purchased one this year because I want it to have a leather bottom! If they made them that way in the past, then maybe there is a chance they will do it again in the future!
  2. we've just changed the duffles from a signature body, with leather on bottom, and two buckles on the sides on the top of the bag.

    now it's buckleless, and only has leather on the top, not bottom.

    so probably it was real? can't tell w/o pics but we did have one.
  3. I have a signature khaki duffel with leather on the bottom. I bought it in 2004.
  4. i have 2 sig duffles with leather on the bottoms...the type with the buckles. i think i got them within the last 6-7 months
  5. I have a white sig duffle from the summer - it has gold leather bottom and trim.
  6. My duffle has leather on the bottom and the buckles. Leather is "denim" with the khaki signature print.

  7. Do all of the ones you guys mentioned have finished leather on the bottom, or is is suede? I have seen the duffles with the suede bottoms, but those seemed rather impractical to me, too.
  8. I had a khaki signature duffle with leather on the bottom also, no buckles. I bought it in 2004, and sold it on ebay earlier this year. It was very pretty, but didn't hold as much as I carry, so I didn't use it much.
  9. [​IMG]

    Leather, not suede. I have one from last winter with the suede bottom/buckles also. This is what I have from '04 - actually it was my first Coach ever.
  10. luvmycoach: that's the one, except the one I saw had dark brown leather. Gorgeous bag, either way! I might have to start an ebay hunt for that one!
  11. That's the one I had also! It really is even more beautiful IRL.:smile:
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