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  1. My DH and I like to take day trips to places like the zoo, aquarium, arboretum,etc. I usually take a camera bag and I want a small handbag that I can use across my body. I have narrowed it down to a duffle or the Ergo crossbody. (A swing pack is too small). The Coach store in my area doesn't have the Ergo crossbody in stock so what I want to know is this-is the strap on the Ergo make of a soft leather like the Ergo itself? That might be a more comfortable strap against my neck than the stiff leather on the duffle. If anyone knows the answer to this I would very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge! :yes:
  2. I would actually like to know this too. I got my duffle in the mail the other day and It doesn't fit right on me. I'm not a fan of the swingpack, so the next step is the ergo crossbody.

    I wish it would hang lower on my body. I might just need to give up the wish of a crossbody bag..lol.


  3. bethann - IMHO the ergo crossbody sits even higher. I ordered the signature "file bag" which is larger than the swingpack, but slim. It actually arrived today and is at home waiting for me. If you guys would like I can take a picture when I get home. IIRC it comes in the signature stripe colors of: khaki/brown (the one I got), khaki/gold and black/black w/ that gunmetalish stripe. I'm in the same situation where I want a hands-free bag, but the swingpack doesn't cut the mustard. Style#10127 and it retails for $248.

  4. haha your husband standing in the background looking at you like "what the heck" :p
  5. I have the Soho leather swing pack for outings like that and it is a lot roomier than all the other swing packs. I can actually open it up wide and see everything inside - it's not flat like the others. I can actually fit my wallet (french purse), keys, cell, mini skinny, diaper, small wipes pack, and I have room to spare. I only use it for trips to the zoo - or when I walk over to the park with the kids so I didn't want to spend that much of my coach budget on it. You can sort of see it in my siggy pic - its the mohogany brown leather one in the middle.
  6. Here it is next to the Shoulderbag
  7. Used the mini sig duffle on my trip last week and it worked wonderfully. It was lightweight and easy to get into.


  8. I would love to see pics!

    lagizzle...he often has the expression of "what the heck" when he looks at me...haha!
  9. Well, pics will have to wait. Unfortunately the bag was stolen from my front porch. Who knows how long before they get replaced! :cursing:

  10. Bethann, is that a duffle or a medium duffle? I purchased a black signature duffle (style 10402) last night at Macy's F&F. I figured it was the right size and the right price for a bag that I will use occasionally. When I tried it on I was a bit disappointed by the drop on the bag. I thought it would hit me lower on the hip. I thought the problem was MY body but you are slim and it doesn't drop any lower on you. I really need one bag in this style so I don't have to worry about holding my bag or having my bag drop off my shoulder while I am using my camera. Thanks so much for the photos! I can see that behind every Coach woman there is a man looking on lovingly!:amuse:
  11. Graberg, that bag looks fabulous on you. It looks like you are comforable wearing it. That is a great photo and it looks like you were enjoying a beautiful day!

  12. I really like that Soho leather swing pack. Do you know if that bag is still available?
  13. Mine is the 10402, signature duffle. I thought it would drop more & the problem was my body too. I'm not that tall, I'm 5'6", maybe my torso is just too long for the bag.
  14. It's at the outlet and widely available on eBay. The colors they have at the outlet are black, saddle, and white. The one I have was from the fall. It really holds about twice as much as a regular swingpack - and the leather is really soft. Plus it will set you back less than $100. I picked mine up off eBay new for about $65. They sell at the outlet anywhere from 89 to $99. And sometimes 20% off that.
  15. Thanks for the info Shoulderbabies! I really like that bag. Maybe I need to take a ride out to the outlet this weekend. It looks like a very comfortable bag. The price is certainly right!