Duffle Strap Ding Dong

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am taking the kidlet to Disney, and was thinking about bags...I have a duffle that I haven't used for a few years. I hardly used it because the color wasn't my taste, but it was a gift so I have always had it. I have never adjusted the strap....and I'm too much of a drip to have the instructions filed away.....I bet none of you lose those. Can someone scan me the directions, or tell me how to make it long to wear cross body? I'm afraid if I undo it I won't be able to put it back. I know, DING DONG.

    This is all in an effort NOT to buy a swingpack for one day, I'm trying to be reasonable....but FIGHTING the urge not to call and order one.

  2. Oh guys, it looks like this. Thanks.

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  3. I'm terrible at writing instructions, but I made my duffle Xbody to go to NYC recently, and I'll take some photos for you. I think it looks similar to your type duffle...maybe if you take a look at the way I have my strap on both sides??
  4. Ok, actually now looking at mine, I don't think it's the right type...or is it?? Can't tell about the way the side looks on yours, and I don't have a duffle in this exact style. This may not help you at all...sorry....

    Anyway, here are the pics of mine:

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  5. Not sure, but that's a nice looking bag ;)
  6. You're not a ding dong at all - I've never adjusted the strap on my suede duffle because I have no clue how to do it either!!!
  7. Yeah, I have never adjusted the strap on my duffles because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to follow the instructions! Sorry! I will try to take a pic of the instructions for you though... not sure if it will come out or not and I don't have a scanner here.
  8. Ok you take the strap off and double it. Then you take one strap and put it through one of the side buckles and then have the other end meet again, then you take the doubled strap on the other side and put the hook through both of the holes that match up when doubled. the metal ring thing will slide to keep them both together. HTH !
  9. Ok, a smidgen blurry but here are the instructions. Let me know if you need better pics... I'm not sure how they will look on here until I post them!

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  10. Ok here are some better pictures!

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  11. WOW...I don't think I've ever gotten instructions for any of my convertible bags other than an Eric Javits bag!! :confused1:
  12. It scares me to need instructions for a handbag :upsidedown:
  13. ^^ Haha, it scares me more that I can't follow them and am scared my bag will never get put back together correctly! Thankfully, when I bought them they were at the setting I like them at. I saw one at the outlet once and I asked an SA to show me how it worked so I knew for my bags at home and even she couldn't figure it out!
  14. It is simple, I bought mine on ebay and figured it out without the instructions, depending on the length you want you may also have to push the small o ring through the keyhole opening on the strap. if you want it cross body, just undo the strap and clip it on the d-ring.
  15. Thanks so much for taking the time to post to those Baglady! Yours is much prettier than mine! I still have a random leather ring, not sure where it goes, but at least the strap is long now!