Duffle Number 1!!!!!

  1. Here is the first one! I love her!!!

    (Click the pic to enlarge!)
    DSC01495.JPG DSC01496.JPG
  2. yes and I love her too!!!:tup:
  3. It looks great on you! Congratulations on a great bag!

  4. Aww, that bag looks so cute on you! Arent duffels great?!
  5. oooohhh, yummy!
  6. I think I finally found my dream style! I have one more duffle coming...I have just fallen in love! :love:
  7. Very pretty! Looks so great on you! Congrats!
  8. Very cute...looks like its LOVE :love::heart:!!!
  9. is there a #2?
  10. There is! She'll be here sometime after next Friday! She is purple suede...SO pretty!!!
  11. Great bag! Looks great on you!!!! ENJOY!!!:yes:
  12. I love that bag! Looks great on you, too!
  13. It looks GORGEOUS on you!! Enjoy!!
  14. Just what I was thinking. congrats:tup:
  15. ooo...that looks great!

    I love the black sig duffle my husband surprised me with a few months ago, but I find that I don't carry it as much as my Legacy bags because it just doesn't seem to hold very much...are you finding the same or do you just not carry a lot of things?