Duffle Bag - Is the vachetta is pre-treated leather?


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Jun 26, 2020

I am planning to get Duffle Bag LV very soon. Does anyone in here own this bag? I heard that some new LV are pre-treated vachetta. If not, may i know how u keep the vachetta protected. Does anyone in here ever try natural way to protect the vachetta by leaving it rotate for few days by window and rub it with wet tissue?
Nov 15, 2016
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Hi - I own a Keepall 45 from 2016. I can't say if current vachetta is coated, but the leather tanning processes might be considered a treatment. Even though many people call it 'untreated' because its prone to wear, that is false. It is in fact just very plainly treated (no colour or thick protective coating like on a damier ebene piece) and that's why it wears.

For my LV bags with vachetta, I don't do anything. The nature of the material is that it gets worn, and whilst people spend time trying to protect it, truly it's never a permanent solution. Don't be afraid of it wearing! it's part of the heritage of LV's craftsmanship and how the bag should look. If it does get badly wet then I use a damp towel and rub over the whole piece of the leather to get rid of a really bad water mark. I leave it to dry naturally away from a heat source and it's always good. I would recommend doing that that over any spray or cream. If you want it darker then a leather conditioner will work, but as I said, I don't do it or recommend it.
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Apr 26, 2019
It's not pre-treated vachetta. It's pre-tanned vachetta. Nothing against you, but I have no idea how or why people started to call it "pre-treated," but it gives a very wrong impression on the vachetta. Pre-tanned vachetta is basically vachetta that has been lightly tanned. It's not altered in any way to make it impervious to water stains/damage.

For all my vachetta pieces, I use Kiwi Protect-All spray. Some people on this website have also had luck with Apple Garde. There's also the patina champ method https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/the-patina-champ-is-here.815007/
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