Duffle and Purseket

  1. I was looking to get a purseket for my signature duffle, but i'm afraid that even a small will be too big for inside of it and possibly even the drop in.

    I know a few of you ladies have the purseket for your bags, so I need your advice. Would it be too much, because right now I feel like I lose everything inside my bag.

    Thanks!! :happydance:
  2. ok, I give, what is a purseket?
  3. oh yeah, i've seen these! Do yall like them?
  4. I think it's a resourceful idea...
  5. If it's a small duffle i doubt it would work,i have a medium duffle and i tried it and it didn't work for me =\
  6. See, I was afraid it wouldn't work...but thought that it might be a better idea then my stuff just floating around in the purse and never being able to find anything.

    What about the drop in one? (and i have the smaller of the 2 duffles, not the medium one)
  7. I have a medium duffle and a medium purseket, I can see if they fit when I get back home tonight ... I am thinking the small would be better for the medium though. I'm not sure how much smaller the small duffle is though.
  8. I think its a good idea but i dont really care them
  9. Totally agree.
  10. I'm thinking of getting a purseket for my Large Carly to keep everything nice and snug, what size would you think for the large? The large purseket or the medium? Their website gives crappy measurement information...
  11. I use the cham eleon liner on my larger bags & LV's.
  12. anybody have link for a purseket?