duffel question!

  1. Very manly :welcome:
  2. I have this same duffel, although im a female, I think it still has some masculine features, its very unisex, you should be fine :biggrin:
  3. Thanks! How do you like it btw?
  4. I love it, very roomy and can hold a surprising amount of things.. ill try to post some pics up for you
  5. Speaking of... im unfortunatley going to have to sell it because tuition bills are piling up and I need to cut corners... :sad::s
  6. i have the same duffel just bought mine right after xmas. its pretty big and I'm a male also.

  7. Nice! Could it fit 5 days worth of clothes in it?
  8. yeah im pretty dang sure it can haven't tried it yet. But im pretty sure u can!
  9. Awesome thanks!