Duets Boutique Nashville TN 40% Off

  1. www.duetsboutique.com In Store

    40% Off Men's And Women's Collections

    6000 Highway 100 Suite 128
    Nashville, Tn
  2. You can't shop online from this boutique. I hope there's someone from nashville who can take advantage of this!
  3. Yeah...sorry, that's why I made sure to state that it was "In Store". I started not to post it, but then I figured there might be some tPFers in Nashville that could take advantage of it even if I could not. I thought about calling them to see what bags they might have on sale and just placing a phone order. Actually, I have done that numerous times before and had great luck!

    Oops..I almost forgot that I am on a purse ban! Yikes!!!