Dueling Damiers...Please Help

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  1. Guys I'd love your thoughtful advice on these two bags. I want to be able to wear it anywhere, from court to Gymboree :biggrin: . I love, love the Manosque (that's the 1st one) but question how it will be if really full (with that hook closure) which my bags tend to often be. Haven't tried them on yet, but expect to this weekend. Any thoughts much appreciated!!

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  2. I like the shape of the second one better. It also looks like it would be easier to wear on your shoulder. Either way, though, you can't go wrong! :biggrin:
  3. I love the second one! You will be the hottest attorney in the room! I hate schlepping all of my files for court in an ugly breifcase- at least this way you can go right to dinner looking great!
  4. I JUST bought a Gucci that's VERY similar to the one on the right and I really prefer that shape - I prefer the way it looks and feeld under my arm.
  5. I would definetely go for the Manosque, I just utterly adore the shape of that!
  6. Absolutely the second one!
  7. I prefer the second one, the shape makes it seem a little less casual.
  8. The first one kind of looks like a beach bag. I think the second one's nicer overall, and probably easier to carry.
  9. I vote for the second one. :biggrin:
  10. I love them both, but from a pratical point of view, the second one would be a better choice due to its straight lines. The second one would hold alot more whereas the tapering shape of the first cut down alot of the useable space.
  11. i like the first, it's more fabulous.
  12. I like the first one better. I try not to get bags that go are wider on top than on bottom b/c you can end up hitting people with it or people bump into you when you use it. And I like to protect my purses...
  13. :huh: the first one IS wider on top. Did you mean you prefer the 2nd one?
  14. I like the second one better...only because it seems a bit more secure. I have an obsession (or paranoia) with people being able to steal from me on the Metro with an "open top" bag.
  15. So do I. And i agree