Due to increases: anyone think about buying clothes?

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  1. I don't know about you gals, but aside from Chanel bags, I only own Chanel shoes. No clothes. This may change, because $2,000 will barely buy you a Chanel bag these days. I may invest in a boucle jacket or something like that...

    Will the price increase alter what you buy at Chanel? Maybe jewelry or sunglasses, clothes, not so much the bags?
  2. I won't be buying Chanel bags any time soon. These increases are crazy. But people will continue to buy and the prices will still go up.
  3. I also might not be purchasing any Chanel bags any time soon.
    Unless of course, something "must have" comes along. ;)

    Thank goodness I already have my classic staples.
  4. hi IntlSet !this is a very interesting topic!:tup:
    Well, I think jewelry has and will always be the best investment ever in luxury products!
    But I will still buy a Chanel bag or bags only if I'm 100% sure that it's a true and lasting love :yes:and not a whim of the moment lol!
    I'll also stick to Chanel makeup products as I find them superb!
    Concerning the clothes/shoe lignes though,apart from the classical boucle jacket you've mentioned or a real classy/classic black little dress and a pair or two of the classic two-toned Shoes, I would't buy anything else since there are gorgeous well made clothes of eponymous brands out there with lower price tags! I'd rather give this money to jewelry as I said above,paintings,porcelain,silverware so many things I can list in here lol...in otherwords something that will not be out of fashion as soon as the next RTW collection hits the stores!;)
  5. I won't be able to buy my first/only Chanel bag and cap toe shoes until 2009/2010, and I am determined to, so I will have to suck it up and buy despite the price increases - as I just want a jumbo or XL flap...not even sure what color, I have a lot of black so I kind of want something metallic/bronzey in color to spruce up my outfits.

    But if prices keep going up I will just save and get an Hermes instead!
  6. hmm... at the moment I think if I'm to buy anything else from Chanel - it'll be another bag or makeup case.

    I think other than the classic Chanel suit - I wouldn't be able to justify paying retail for any other type of clothing. And that in itself is a huge investment so I probably wouldn't buy that until I had a house completely paid for and a hefty sum of investments & retirement savings. I guess the difference is that I still view the bag as more versatile.

    As for Chanel jewellery, I have a few pieces now but I probably won't get anything else unless something is ridiculously stunning. The prices are high for costume jewellery so while I do love the string of pearls - I think I'd rather put that money towards a string of real pearls. And at the moment, I'm totally priced out of Chanel fine jewellery with real jewels/gems! I'd say the only piece of Chanel jewellery I can see myself getting in the next five years is a j12... but that's affected by price increases too.

    So I guess my answer is - due to the price increases on Chanel bags, my money won't be diverted to other Chanel goods, but it'll either go to other brands or other uses. Should I choose Chanel, it'll probably still be another bag - just that from now on - I'll be even more choosier than I was before!
  7. Hmm, well I've always thought about owning a Chanel tweed jacket, but the price tag is too high for me to justify it (plus, at this point in my life, I'm not sure I could even get much wear out of it no matter how versatile it is). Ideally, if I could find a gorgeous one on sale that would work out to be the price of a Jumbo (if not a little more), I would consider it, but I doubt I'll ever get that lucky haha. :p

    I pretty much have every Chanel bag I could ever hope to own, so from now on, I will only be purchasing the bags that I feel like I can't live without... the prices are insane, and I want bags that will last forever (I'm definitely not a trendy bag person)! :smile:

    As for costume jewelry/sunglasses, I do love both and own a lot of each, but I've cut back on that too, because how much can one person wear haha... plus it ain't cheap! :p I might buy a few pairs of shoes, but other than that, the most money I ever spend is on bags, and it will always stay that way, only I'll be picky as hell from now on. ;)
  8. Even the rtw line has seen substantial increases. Used to be a jacket cost around $2500 but those days are long gone. If there is a clothing item you really love, wait for sales or eBay. I just purchased a lovely silk top that was shown with the campaign jacket. Got the jacket on sale; it's black boucle, double breasted (timeless). The blouse was originally over $2K (see what I mean) for less than $350 off eBay. The tags are still on it. It was marked down twice by the retailer and only got to $900. Shop consigment stores as well, if you live in a big city.

    Chanel costume jewelry pieces are no bargain either when paying full retail. I'm not willing to spend $1200 for a necklace. For that and less, I can purchase a beautiful anniversary ring with alternating round and emerald cut diamonds. I don't know what real pearl necklaces cost these days, but if given the choice between painted glass beads and real pearls, I'd invest in real pearls -- and did so years ago).
  9. Thanks for the hint on clothes, jmen. I may have to check eBay... I had no idea the RTW underwent serious increases as well. I DO recall a jacket being around $2500... I guess it's not the case anymore.

    I agree with you completely about the costume jewelry. I'd go for real any day over designer faux jewels, given the price. However, I most see the cheaper Chanel jewelry around, like the $100-something earrings or $300 necklace.
  10. Chanel handbags could cost $10,000 a piece, I would still purchase (ok im being dramatic here lol)

    I would love to get a classic tweed Chanel Jacket. hell, maybe a suit. But im only 23 and wearing a Chanel suit right now to work would be rather silly. but one day...

    But I will always stick to the sunnies, hats and shoes. my favs
  11. Hi Jahpson, we're the same age! I'm 23, too... I'm not sure we could pull off the entire suit but maybe breaking the pieces up... like the jacket with jeans, and the skirt topped off by a casual white t-shirt or something? I think one could get a lot of wear out of the jacket alone.

  12. wow, no kidding small world. lol

    yeah I could put some use into the jacket, idk about the whole suit. :lol:
  13. ITA! I still can't justify 600+ on a pair of shoes that i step on floor.....i can get something cute in LV with that money :shame:
  14. I should crarify that when I mentioned jewelry I meant real jewelry no matter the brand-there are so many brands with exquisite items anyway!- and I absolutely agree with the ladies who said they would get real instead of costume jewelry!:yes:

  15. I'm 24 :tup: and I would absolutely get use out of the suit, but broken up like you suggested. I'm a jeans and ballet flat girl, and I think the jackets can look fantastic over just a plain white tee or tank. It would stand in well for a cardigan or hoodie, as my basic uniform never changes...:p
    I would wear the skirt less often but there would come a time where I'd need to wear it and it would be fab!!!

    I would probably get the suit in black. Timeless!:supacool: