dude's magenta hobo on ebay --BIN is $1550

  1. Wow - Gorgeous. Do you think it'll sell for that price?
  2. OHHHHHHHH MY! I want this so bad (unfortunately not for $1500:sad: ) I know it will sell though!
  3. OMG ... that's an adorable piece :yes: !! GREAT color - GORGEOUS bag - love it :heart: !! Good luck . . . whoever get it :love: !! THANKS chigirl for letting us know :flowers:
  4. how beeeeeeauuuuuuuuutiful. i'm sure it will sell, i'd pay that much for it if i HAD that much, lol. i love the day in bright colors.
  5. yowza, did you gals check out the killer view outside her window?!?!
  6. I'm not sure whether this one will sell or not. Maybe for the list price, but maybe not for the bin. Who knows, it's dude. People bid on her stuff because they know it'll be mint, authentic, and get great service. :flowers:
  7. hello mlertpac, i really respect your opinion!! why dont you think it will go for bin? magenta is a popular color and has been selling for over retail when new and some of the girls here really seem to like hobo. just curious...:heart: :biggrin:
  8. I pm-ed you... I think my opinion is partially influenced by living in a land of milan station consignment stores..... :cool:
  9. I saw that!! Beautiful! That hobo is gorgeous. Magenta is such a pretty color!
  10. What a beautiful bag, and a bag from dude is a perfect bag....Magenta is so pretty! I hope someone here gets it!
  11. I just saw that bag too--gorgeous!
  12. ^^^ maybe she is trading up for a hermes. lol.
  13. It's so hot.. especially with the scarf !