Dudes!!look What I Got At Aruba Lv Store!!new Congo Bag!!

  1. Never seen or even heard of this bag..So I HAD to buy it...HEEHEE..I think it was 860.ooish.....(I bought my 10 yr old her first Gucci bag (her bday gift!TOO!)so I was trying to be good..NOT!)

    Has fabric strap and a removable rubber lining..inside that can be removed with snaps..OMG..LOVES the net detail on the front...MU HA HA HA!!!!
    Here comes pics...~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: :yahoo: .......SO LOVE THIS BAG...!!
    I got to the stores only an hour before the 6 PM closing time...been LIVING on the beach here.......Scary thing is that the SA at the Gucci store REMEMBERED ME!!LOL!!!!!...heehee...OY![​IMG]
  2. Okay, first off, THAT IS ONE SMOKIN BAG!

    Second, you are so PRETTY! Your daughter looks like she is 14! Sucha pretty family!
    She is so lucky to have a purse lovin mama like u!!

  3. Jill, girl, you have been buyin so many FAB bags.....

    (tell your daughter congrats 4 me!)
  4. OOO Congrats it was originally called the Outdoor Monogram but I guess they renamed Congo is much better. Great pics too!!
  5. You are one stunning lady, Jill! Congrats on the new bag!
  6. Jill, you are so gorgeous!

    Congrats on the Congo PM!
  7. Jill, you are ONE HOT MAMA!!!:nuts: CONGRATS on the new LV!!!:love: It looks great! And tell your DD HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATS on a new GUCCI bag!!!:yahoo:
  8. Omg That is so beautiful i love it congratulations.
  9. yes,first off, you are gorgeous! second, never saw that purse & its soo different. funny how small things change the look so much!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. You are very pretty, and congrats for your purchase!
  12. very nice. congrats!
  13. Great picture! Looks like you got a special bag :smile: grats!
  14. wow, congrats! love the bag, and you guys look HOT!

    that LV SA in the pic behind you looks funny lol...
  15. This bag is hot, happy b-day to your daughter.