Dude's '04 Lilac city - finally arrived :-) yeeaahhh

  1. Yesterday finally I got my 'valuable treasure': the '04 Lilac city from Dude's auction - ended almost 2 weeks ago! Do you remember ? It's here .... I can't believe it, it's like a dream :yahoo:! My husband just made some pictures - for you all :heart: - it's combined here with a casual and an elegant outfit!
    I love you all and thanks again for your support :flowers::flowers::flowers: !
    109-0949_IMG.JPG Balenciaga Lila 1.jpg Balenciaga Lila 2.jpg
  2. Congrats, sweetie! I haven't been around the last couple of weeks, but I'm so glad that you found your LILAC!! OMG.

    Plus, you wear it really well. (Is that a Chanel jacket too?)
  3. Beautiful!!!:love: Congrats on such an awesome bag! You look wonderful, firstclass! Is that where u live? I really love the view of the countryside in the background.
  4. It is stunning!! It looks amazing on you, congrats :love:
  5. awesome, it looks great! what a purty color.
  6. i love the way you wear it, firstclass! congrats!
  7. Gorgeous bag and great outfits too! Congratulations on your wonderful purchase--I am green with envy!
  8. Stunning.... lovely bag with lovely outfit....
  9. That is sooooooo gorgeous and it looks terrific on you! The 04 lilac was really more of a mauve than a true lilac (I'd love Bal to make more of a periwinkle lilac, but I digress) and you've perfectly combined it with cute outfits that show it off tremendously. It's really amazing on you. Congrats!
  10. I just love the way the looks with the tweed jacket and black pairing.

    You really wear the bag very well. Congrats on a great addition to your wardrobe. :flowers:
  11. i remember that auction being so riveting, i'm glad you got what you wanted! it's gorgeous!
  12. That is a very pretty bag. I wish my pale rose bag was more of that color.
  13. Oh goodness that bag is stunning! Congratulations on finally receiving your reward!
  14. Looks fabulous on you! I love how you have shown casual and elegant! You gave us a style lesson! Congrats- I remeber how badly you wanted this and use it well!!!!
  15. Oh thank you Lily for the compliments :shame: ! Yes, this is a Chanel jacket - it looks great together! THANKS again :love: