dudeiloveyou; authentic?

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  1. not sure if i can post the name of the seller and pls excuse if you are on here and are a genuine seller.
    i just remember some kinda commotion around this name some time ago.
    good reputation?
    yay :tup:



    thanks for any help!!!:heart:
  2. what does he/she sell?
    Usually these questions are better suited for the designer sub-Forums.
  3. dudeiloveyou is a pretty well-known seller -- she used to sell all the super rare Balenciaga's, along with other rare/TDF bags. I'm pretty sure if you ask in the Balenciaga sub-forum a lot of the long-timers there all know of (and trust) dudeiloveyou.
  4. thanks swankymama :smile:
    they sell various things. lanvin, louboutin, chanel bags, fendi bags etc.
    the items are very real its just the seller id reminds me of some discussions in the past.
    thought someone could fill me in.
    shall i post somewhere else?
  5. foxy,
    thats it!!
    she used to sell b BAGS ;)
    now i remember!!!!
    thanks for clearing that up dear!
  6. She's a bit controversial as a personality, but her items are always authentic.
  7. hi LP :smile:!!

    what do you mean by controversial? how?

    thank you
  8. she's an excellent, honest seller . if by controversial you mean she doesn't suffer fools gladly and speaks as she finds, then ok.......:shrugs:
  9. She might sound a bit harsh in her emails. I got a B-Bag authenticated by her before joining TPF and her mails sounded sort of irritated, don't know how to explain. In any case, she did a great job so I do not regret using her knowledge at all. But she definitely is a trustworthy seller, she would never sell a fake because she knows her stuff very well.
  10. always authentic. love that fendi listed! :heart:
  11. She sells only authentic items and is a totally honest and reliable seller. She was one of the first reliable people to be something of a Balenciaga "expert," and to offer help with authentication and to take on the early sellers of fakes. I guess she remains controversial to them, but I consider that a good thing. :tup:
  12. She is a fantastic, knowledgeable seller.
  13. i've never heard anything controversial about her. she's honest & trustworthy, by far one of the best sellers on eBay.
  14. thanks everyone!
    she does indeed seem very nice an i suppose i was more looking for feedback regarding who she is more than whether her things are authentic because they clearly are :smile:
  15. huh? but your title says "authentic ?"
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